Know your Thunderstaff – Catherine King-Todd  “Helping Dreams Come True”

By Alina Buzgar  Catherine King-Todd has been helping students realize their dreams for over three decades.  Since 1989, she has played the role of Director of Financial Aid.   Trying to summarize her 33 years’ experience at Thunderbird in a short article was a daunting task. Fortunately, her soft speaking and inviting personality immediately calmed [...]

How do you like Thunderbird? – Current Student Spotlight

By, Gloria Liu   With over half trimester passing by, students are now getting accustomed to life at Thunderbird. Classes, careers, clubs – business school students seem always busy. At the end of the day, when you are finally alone in your room, turning off phones and computers, with only a yellow bed lamp on, [...]

Halloween: Styling with the GOGOs

By, Rick Beitman All Hallows’ Eve comes but once a year and many T-Birds took to Tempe to celebrate on Friday, October 31, GOGO style. – A group of over 160 students made a foray deep into Sun Devil territory for the event on Mill Avenue at the third-story venue, the Rooftop Lounge & Patio. [...]

Project Artemis: Opening Afghan Borders to Trade

By, Rick Beitman When T-Birds think of Thunderbird School of Global Management, many thoughts may come to mind such as the Tower, the Pub, or rugby, but perhaps one of the most important things that should come to mind is Project Artemis. – The original program of Thunderbird For Good, Project Artemis is synonymous with [...]

Thunderbird’s Position in Our Hearts

By, David J Roman Dr. Mansour Javidan was right when he opened Foundations saying, “We are the misfits.” In fact, along with other misfits, we feel we belong. That sense of security creates strong emotional connections to this place (or rather community) we call home, to a School founded over 70 years ago and the [...]

Wedding Celebrations In Costa Rica

By, David  J Roman This weekend I travelled to Alajuela, Costa Rica to attend the wedding of my good friend Isaiah. A Miami man and a Tica (Costa Rican lady), their wedding was a delightful blend of cultures and personalities. During the course of the ceremony, we learned that it was more of an added [...]

Twitter-Joy of Giving !

By, Krunal Barabde   “Joy of giving” a humanitarian and selfless philanthropist concept of giving things to others, it sounds antonym for doing profitable business. Same can be observed in case of Twitter a word almost synonymous with Facebook and the heartbeat of social media, which is no longer paring with later on the financial [...]

Wonderful Washington, D.C.

By, Jessica Knutzon The United States is rich in cultural and geographic diversity. For several students here at Thunderbird, it is an opportunity to get to know a new country and there is enough to keep everyone’s weekends jam-packed during the short tenure as a student. A great place to start is the United States [...]

Treat No Trick: Feed My Starving Children

By, Gloria Liu Not every child in the world has the privilege to play ‘trick or treat’ on Halloween’s Day. In the underdeveloped countries, children crave for food rather than a candy. Today, China Entrepreneur Network (CEN) volunteered to join the Christian non-profit organization – Feed My Starving Children to help these needy children. Twenty-eight [...]

Getting Hands on Bloomberg Terminal

By, Gloria Liu Weeks ago I wrote an introduction to Bloomberg Terminal on Empowerment Day. This article explores more in-depth about it.   It costs $2,000 a month to use one Bloomberg Terminal computer. Quite a commitment for a student, so many of us, no matter how much you love finance, would probably say I’d [...]