Possessive pronouns, plurals and apostrophes – OH MY!

By, Jessica Knutzon The English language is tricky and there are many exceptions to rules. This does not help defend the idea that English is an easy language to learn. Apostrophes are so commonly misused that these mistakes become accepted in writing. It can be tricky to know when to use an apostrophe. Apostrophes are [...]

Integrating Global Communities

By Brendon Biegel Do you remember how you felt on your first day as a student on the Thunderbird campus? It may feel like an eternity ago, but as a Thunderbird you were probably excited and loved the sense of adventure for the unknown. Before long you adapted to the #TBirdLife and found yourself brushing [...]

Information Theory Language

By Hassan Ajami Editor’s Note: The following article is from Professor Hassan Ajami who volunteered his literature with Das Tor. We would like to thank him for an interesting piece about analytic philosophy. Professor Ajami is a Lebanese author and a freelance journalist. He teaches Arabic language at Thunderbird School of Global Management, and provides [...]

Professional Development Week

By, Jessica Knutzon Professional Development Week is in full swing. After a weekend of wrapping up the first module of the fall 2014 trimester, Thunderbird students will have a week to focus on career development. There will be several workshops, presentations and networking opportunities. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the events, should apply [...]

Walk the ‘Thunderbird Spirit’

  By Gloria Liu ‘We educate global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide.’ I am pretty sure that all T-birds are familiar with the above sentence. It is Thunderbird’s mission statement, and we were all required to write an essay about how our mission statement aligns with that of Thunderbird when applying to this school. [...]

If only guaranteed graduation could bring an offer

  By Gloria Liu As the first module of this trimester is coming to an end, students are shifting their focus from classes to careers, but no hurries. For those that plan to graduate on time with their program, they need to watch out for the Thunderbird Global Experience (TGE) requirement. As announced by James [...]

A Spot of Coffee with a Bite of Chocolate

By, Rick Beitman Supporting good, local businesses is fashionable. However, one of the most unique small businesses neighboring Thunderbird may have passed under the radar: Rayner’s Chocolate & Coffee Shop. Open since 2012, it was recently discovered by first-year MBA student Sylvia Imbrock. Run by an entrepreneurial couple, Rayner’s (like Thunderbird) has its own international [...]

Más que Palabras: Experiencing Small Businesses in Atenas

By, David J Roman In last week’s issue of DasTor, I shared about small businesses in Antigua Guatemala I observed while on my 2-month, 10-country expedition through Latin America. This edition will feature businesses of Atenas, Costa Rica. After 34 days and more than 5,000 miles on the road, I had revved my motorcycle for [...]

Keep On Ruckin

Bala Rajendran October 13, 2014

Keep On Ruckin

By, Travis Richardson “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” -       George Bernard Shaw Crouch. Touch. Set. Pusshhhh! Anyone that has ever been in a scrum understands well the importance of organization, teamwork, and persistence in times of competition. On Saturday, October 4th, our Thunderbird Rugby Club [...]

Grammar Grief

Bala Rajendran October 13, 2014

Grammar Grief

By, Jessica Knutzon   When One Letter Makes A Difference When writing it is easy to confuse words that differ by only one letter. Below are a few examples of words that have little similar spellings but different meanings. Everyday vs Every Day These are often confused and some people choose to not use every [...]