Student Club Profile: Women International

By, Alina Buzgar Women make up approximately 30% of the student body at Thunderbird, and there are only 14 female CEOs running the country’s largest 500 publicly traded companies. 2.8% isn’t good enough.   In 2014, the head of the IMF, the chancellor of Germany, and the chair of the US Federal Reserve are women. [...]

For a better tomorrow: Net Impact — Two Current Students Experience

By, Gloria Liu This year, the ‘100 different flavors of amazing’ and ‘emotional highpoint of our year’ Net Impact Conference, a leading nonprofit, was held in Twin Cities, Minneapolis. For three days from November 6 to November 8, thousands of leaders in businesses, academics, and nonprofits gather there to share their ideas and seek solutions. A [...]

“It’s not you. It’s really me.”

By, Gloria Liu Recently I watched a video called ‘Google, I Quit!’ on LinkedIn. It is about a former Google employee Michael Peggs leaving what many call ‘the place to work for’. In the video, Michael gave us a tour of the fascinating Google work environment: – tasty food, video games, tunnel entries, and etc. He [...]

Weekly update – 11/21/2014

By, Rebecca Henriksen Another exciting weekend is in store here at Thunderbird. There is an EMBA/full-time student mixer tonight at the pub, ThunderCares and the Americas Regional Night are happening tomorrow, followed by the Turkey Trot on Sunday afternoon (which I think should be mandatory for all T-birds who had too much fun on Saturday night J). [...]

Asia Regional Night

By, Rick Beitman Two down, one more to go. – Asia Regional Night, the second of the trimester, took place at the Thunderbird Event Center (TEC) on Saturday, November 8, at 6:30 PM, to much fanfare. Billed as one of the more popular regional nights, cuisine offerings and musical numbers spanned from Southeast Asia to [...]

Connecting the Thoughts on Innovation, Marketing, and Startups at TechConnectiON

By, David J Roman The TechConnectiON events this past Friday (November 7th) brought great insights into the reality of being an innovator in today’s global marketplace: Successful innovation depends on metrics of success and measure of will Entrepreneurship is not as glamorous as many believe and requires a rare personality Applied technology is the biggest [...]

Chrysler- “Acceleration at its best”

By, Krunal Barabde   Normally in sports when a player comes out of poor form, not only his team, but even opponents know that he has hit a “purple patch.” Sometimes this turnaround is due to, small timing adjustment (baseball) or a new dribbling tactic (real football=soccer). Similarly, automobile industry is currently witnessing purple patch [...]


Bala Rajendran November 13, 2014


By, Jessica Knutzon The sound of mopeds driving by as I sit at my red-checkered table with a carafe of wine and a delicious plate of food made from scratch.  Italia! The country that quite easily boasts one of the most beloved cuisines in the world. Growing up, my great-grandmother’s Italian recipes were passed down [...]

Business Ethics for Global Leaders

By, Sylvia Imbrock One of Thunderbirds’ key points of differentiation in the business world is our understanding of the world and a capacity to navigate the globe. As global business leaders, we want more than the next quick fix to our business problems. Impactful business leaders look for ever more efficiencies, pushing the boundaries of business [...]

Writing Competition

By, Alina Buzgar We are looking for talent! Think you can write a winning narrative in 1,500 words or less? We invite you to submit an original short story or essay for a chance to be published in DasTor and win a substantial prize.   How to enter? Send your short story or essay by [...]