T-Birds in the Desert: Here comes The H-E-A-T

As temperatures rose into the 90s last week, those at Thunderbird who have lived through a summer in AZ , shrugged it off with a “meh.”   The rest of us were hovering inside the IBIC and circling the parking lot for unmarked covered parking spots.  At some point during Foundations, I have a vague [...]

Operations Research Analyst

Operations Research Analysis is one of the foremost growing fields in business. Most companies are becoming global with branches located in several different countries. The challenge in such countries is optimizing the supply chain such that the raw materials are bought cheaper and delivered faster. There is an interesting history behind the development of Operations [...]

Speaker Games

Bala Rajendran April 13, 2014

Speaker Games

Speaker Games was the flagship event of Thunderbird Toastmasters Leadership Communications Club which was held on Thursday – April 10th at the Pavilion from 1PM – 2.30 PM. This was the first kind of an event where Thunderbird clubs competed against one another. There were 5 clubs competing for this years Speaker Games trophy. The [...]

Caption Contest Winner

This week’s caption contest winner is Santiago Peralta for his caption submission:  ”The Thunderladies are the most interesting subspecies of the Thunderbirdus Globalis; they travel in packs, and perform feeding rituals, adapting to even the most foreign environments.” Congrats, Santiago! Look for this week’s contest posting on www.facebook.com/dastornews and be sure to “Like” our page for your chance to [...]

From The Desk of the TSG

Hello T-Birds!! Yet another fun week at Thunderbird has passed, coupled with some exciting visitors, headways on major issues, and some interesting decisions. Beginning with the visitors, various Trustees have been coming to campus to show their support for the students during these challenging times. Tuesday and Friday brought both meetings with students and appearances [...]

Thunderbird FC season comes to a close

By Kyle Schwent, ’15 Thunderbird FC closed out its season today with a loss in shootouts during the semi-finals of playoffs against Colombia FC. We grabbed control of the game with a goal in the first half, slipped a bit when the opponents scored twice in the 2nd half, but our chances were kept alive [...]

Update 04/11

Hello T-birds, Happy Friday to you! I hope you’ve had a good week, and that you find a little time for rest and relaxation this weekend. Special thanks to those who attended today’s Student Feedback Session. It was wonderful that a number of Board of Trustees members joined the meeting today, specifically Ann Iverson, Susan [...]

The Power of an Innovation Junkie: Beth Comstock at Thunderbird

One handshake from Ms. Beth Comstock and you know that you are speaking to an extraordinary person. Her career has led her from quiet beginnings in Virginia, to stints at CBS and NBC where she became President of Integrated Media at NBC Universal, and onward to GE, where, in 2003, she was appointed the first Chief Marketing Officer [...]

Standing Tall in the Face of Change: The Yearbook Project

Ever heard of the Thunderbird Yearbook? If the mere mention of it has left you befuddled, then you have been missing out on a treasure trove. The Thunderbird Yearbook is not just lists and photographs of activities, faculty, staff and students that have passed through the Glendale campus: it chronicles the history of the School. Each [...]

Hedonic Adaptation: Why Netflix Should Limit Binge-Watching

By Nate Stickney On February 14, 2014, Netflix released the second season of the hit television program “House of Cards.”  By the end of the weekend, roughly 2% of the Netflix subscribers on U.S. broadband networks had finished all 13 episodes, with similar numbers in Europe. [1]  This “binging” phenomenon isn’t new, with 50,000 subscribers [...]