How to Stay Current on Technology

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By Aaron W. Rockwell, Staff Writer

Das Tor '76
Das Tor ’76

The amount of paying attention one is obligated to do is directly correlated to how close to the front of class one sits. I’ve chosen to set up camp right in the front row, a day dream and technology void zone. This is a tough position for me because computer nerdom is in my veins. I was programming in QBasic in elementary school and cruising through DOS files in my free time.

So after reading this Das Tor ’76 tech tip and then going to class, I started thinking about all the websites, apps, and programs I use to stay on the ball. I began to wonder, what is a good process for staying ahead of the game? In light of learning new tech, I cracked open for the first time and gave it a whirl:

How to Stay Current on Technology
How to Stay Current on Technology

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