TSG Elections & Open Forum

Courtesy of https://asunow.asu.edu/sites/default/files/styles/panopoly_image_original/public/web.png?itok=4YYWg8jo

By Co Editor Nash Wills

The U.S. Presidential race isn’t the only tightly contested democratic showdown taking place early this month. The TSG elections are officially underway, and this year’s campaign is already setting up to be a good one, with 8 strong candidates vying for the Presidential and Vice Presidential positions. Campaigning kicks off tomorrow and lasts until November 10th. From there, the polls will open up on November 10th at 4 pm and close on November 16th at 12 pm.

Be sure to clear your schedule tomorrow from 1-3 pm for the scheduled open forum event set to take place in Lecture Hall 54. Each of the candidates will be there to relay their respective platforms to the T-bird community. Remember that voting is an important privilege that we should all exercise as students.

Also, be sure to look out on campus next week for a special print edition copy for the upcoming elections.

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