Why Doodling Makes Sense

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By Sneha Pujani, Staff Writer

It all started when I picked up this book from the library called The Doodle Revolution. A few pages in, I was amazed at the simple brilliance of embracing doodling. All the glares and tut-tuts over the years had taught me to consider doodling a waste of time. To be a doodler meant to be a simpleton, a fool, a fraud. But by the end of my reading, I was convinced that doodlers are, in fact, geniuses! They are using this incredible method to fine tune their thoughts and understandings. At some point in your life, you must have done some “mindless scrawling” (one dictionary term). If so, you are a doodler! One can look at doodles as signposts that help you retain information at a more substantive, interactive level. That’s all it takes to unlock a whole new world.

In The Doodle Revolution, Sunni Brown takes you on a beautiful journey. It’s like learning a new language, but one you are already fluent at! The book lays out tips and tricks of doodling, different methods to get new ideas from your head onto the paper, and so much more. The best part is that The Doodle Revolution is available in the school library. If you feel like adding a potent tool to your methods of processing information, check it out. You will also find TED Talks and other discussions by this author online. We all enjoy Google Doodles, so why not bring some of that joy in our everyday lives.

Let’s break this down. Here are my three main reasons why doodling makes sense.

Visuals Work!

If you have taken any of the marketing classes at Thunderbird recently, you know visualization is the key! It is what holds our attention as a human being. We process visual cues faster than anything else (McGurk effect people!). So why should the power of visual communication be limited to digital platforms. Images work on paper just as well as they do on any software. We take in information through four mediums: visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetics. In order to retain information, humans need to engage at least two of these mediums, or one medium and an emotion. Doodling has the capacity to help you engage all four mediums at once, along with any emotion. Now, why would you not want to use this to make your everyday life more enriching?

Lists Are Boring!

Have you ever had to read back through the minutes of a meeting? Did it put you to sleep? The only thing worse than having to read the minutes is taking down the minutes in the first place. That doesn’t have to be the case. Doodling can be the most effective game plan for capturing information in a meeting. Taking notes and making lists don’t engage one’s attention. Add bunch of stick figures and suddenly you have better chance of retaining that information.

It’s Doable!

Have you ever found yourself shrinking away from drawing something that would be up for display? Do you slip away from a situation where your work would be put up for all to see and judge? I will assume your answer to be yes! There was a time, as kids, we would have tackled any ‘artistic’ opportunity, no qualms about appearing stupid. As we grew older, we stepped into this notion that unless we can produce as good of work as Banksy, we shouldn’t draw at all! The merit of that statement and the sorry state of our psyche is way beyond the scope of this piece, but what I can tell you is that doodling doesn’t have to be artistic or creative. It doesn’t have to blow anyone away or change any lives. Doodling is just one more tool in your toolbox to sift through this tornado of information. All you need is a few guidelines and you are all set to explore the magical world of doodles!


Our thoughts and ideas are sometimes too rich to be translated in words. They need figures and patterns and emotions. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones. Give this simpleton of a suggestion a try! Go doodle!

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