Welcome to Das Tor, the student newspaper at Thunderbird School of Global Management. This is a publication produced by students for students. We welcome your input.

Thunderbird student Bob Morabito founded Das Tor in 1969 as “an open forum for debate.” The student publication continued in print until fall 2011, when the format changed to digital. The new online publication continues the Das Tor mission to serve as a clearing house of ideas that may further prepare students for the international community.

Das Tor means “the gate” in German. Founding editor Bob Morabito wrote this mission statement in 1969: “Wherever we travel, whenever we pass from one country to another we must go through a gate. However, Das Tor means more than simply the traversing of borders; it stands as a symbol and artery of communication through the barriers of superstition, ignorance, dogma, racism and prejudice; traditional enemies which continue to be a detriment to progress and global peace. Idealistic though it may sound, it has now become the responsibility of our generation, the future leaders of the international community, to make every effort to widen these gates and succeed where previous generations have failed. Das Tor must therefore be an open forum for debate, a clearing house of ideas that may further prepare us for the international community and further augment the reputation of this youthful institution.”

MASTHEAD Fall 2017

chris-bartonChris Barton (MAGAM ’18), Editor-in-Chief:

Chris was born in the mountains of Colorado, and then proceeded to commit himself to doing what he can to make positive change in the world. He loves art museums, obscure theory, and the smell of creosote. If he was a jelly bean, he would be pear flavored.




mary-richardsonMary Richardson (MAGAM ’18), Editor-in-Chief:

With her father a professor and her mother a teacher, Mary was raised by readers, writers, and storytellers who never said no to buying a book. After graduating with degrees in English Literature and Art History, Mary traveled in Turkey on a research and teaching grant before returning to the U.S. to pursue political and campaign work — first in Texas and then the East Coast. This afforded her the opportunity to learn to pack everything she owns into two suitcases in under an hour. Born in San Francisco, Mary is rooted in the music, culture, and history of the West though her curiosity extends well beyond that.


Daisy Jasmine (MAGAM ’18), Staff Writer

Good with a paintbrush, fluent in lipreading, and an avid collector of plushies, California-born Daisy comes from a long line of authors, dramatists, cartoonists, and musicians. She received her BFA in Drawing from ASU in 2015 before making the fateful decision to pursue her Masters at Thunderbird and work toward a career in international law.

One of Daisy’s earliest memories is of sitting beside her grandmother in the latter’s writing office, smacking the keys of her monochrome Apple computer, wondering why it wasn’t making words and stories appear like when Grandma did it. Today, Daisy still hammers madly away at the keys, and sometimes real words come out.


Mackenzie Pedersen (MAGAM ’19), Staff Writer

Mackenzie has spent most of her life being creative in one way or another: from drawing to painting to singing to writing. She has an intense love for nature and strives to increase environmental conservation efforts and finds beauty in the unexpected. Mackenzie also is a vegetarian and, since becoming so, has fallen in love with the art of cooking. Other things she enjoys include: strength training, dinosaurs, 80’s movies, alternative music, all things oceanic, and cultural anthropology. Furthermore, Mackenzie invites her friends to be creative with nicknames, some of the most noteworthy being: Kenzington Lee, Mack Attack, Kenzel Washington, DJ Mack, and many others.


Amanda Cardini (MAGAM ’19), Staff Writer

Born in Connecticut, but an Arizona resident for 16 years, Amanda appreciates a blend of the East and West Coasts; she loves both the hustle and bustle New York City and the relaxation of a calm day on a California beach. Her diverse interests, a natural curiosity in new experiences, and a thirst for adventure have guided her travels and lead her to Thunderbird.

As a music lover, many of her travels center around concerts or festivals at which her favorite artists are playing. Growing up Italian, food and family are two other central aspects in her life. A Harry Potter fanatic since her mom read the first book to her in preschool, her love for reading and writing began at a young age, and she still rereads the Harry Potter books at least once a year.


Bryce Bower (MAGAM ’19), Staff Writer

Bryce hails from the town of Paradise in northern California. He enjoys soccer, jazz, hip-hop, animals, and weather much cooler than Arizona’s. Having spent 2 years living and studying in Europe, and several years studying foreign language in the States, he is fluent in French, Spanish, German, and English (and working on Russian). Bryce likes telling stories, meeting new people, and scoffing at American pastries.


Laura Quintero Cervantes (MAGAM ’18), Multimedia Editor

Laura is a cosmopolitan and a poet at heart, a secret artist in her spare time, and an only child. Born and raised in Colombia, she cannot hide her Latina flare when she says hello to her friends or dances to música latina. She loves setting challenges for herself, and six years ago she decided to study in the US. Leaving her family to pursue her dreams has been one of the hardest decisions she has ever made, but it has paid off. Despite English being her second language, Laura graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors in sustainability and a minor in business from ASU and Barrett, the Honors College. Currently, Laura is a SHARE Fellow in her second year at Thunderbird working on a certificate in Global Marketing. She can write backwards and will soon be adding a 23rd country to her list of countries visited.


DAS TOR Masthead in the Past

Since the change to digital format, Das Tor staff members have included:

  • FALL 2017: Editor-in-Chief Chris Barton; Editor-in-Chief Mary Richardson; Staff Writers Daisy, Jasmine, Youfeng (Gloria) Pan, Bethany-Angel Chijindu, Bryce Bower, Amanda Cardini, Mackenzie Pedersen; Multimedia Staffers Aida Soto, Laura Quintero Cervantes
  • SPRING 2017: Editor-in-Chief Lauren Herbert; Editor-in-Chief Jake Strickler; Co-Editors Nash Wills, Mary Richardson, Chris Barton; Staff Writers Aaron RockwellLaura AvilesJulio Espinoza
  • FALL 2016: Editor-in-Chief Lauren Herber; Editor-in-Chief Jake Strickler; Co-Editor Nash Wills; Staff Writers Alex Marino, Aaron Rockwell, Mary Richardson, Chris Barton, Laura AvilesJanhavi HunnurJulio Espinoza
  • SPRING 2016: Editor-in-Chief Alina Buzgar; Co-Editor Emma Livingston; Co-Editor Lauren Herber; Co-Editor Jake Strickler; Staff Writer Makarand Gawande; Staff Writers Nash WillsChaitra SomasunderAlex Marino; IT & Marketing Director Chandra Mouli Koduri
  • FALL 2015: Editor-in-Chief Alina Buzgar, IT & Marketing Director Chandra Mouli Koduri, Co-editor Jessica Knutzon, Co-editor Emma Livingston and Staff Writers Keith Blincoe, Makarand Gawade, Jake Strickler, Lauren Herber, Nash Wills, Chaitra Somasundar and Sanghita Dey 
  • SUMMER 2015: Editor-in-Chief Alina Buzgar, IT & Marketing Director Chandra Mouli Koduri, and Staff Writer Emma Livingston
  • SPRING 2015: Editor-in-Chief Richard Beitman, IT & Marketing Director Chandra Mouli Koduri, Features & News Editor Alina Buzgar, Audio and Visual Editor Marissa Burkett and Staff Writers Emma Livingston, Jessica Knutzon, Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Keith Blincoe, Arnold Wang and Gloria Liu
  • FALL 2014: Editor-in-Chief Bala S Rajendran, Co-Editor Giaccome Paccione, IT Director Ooha Venugopal and Staff Writers Richard Beitman, Jessica Knutzon, Alina Buzgar, David Roman, Krunal Barabde and Gloria Liu
  • SPRING 2013: Editor-in-Chief Michael Reardon, Features Editor Sneha Gayatri, IT Developer Mahmood Hussain, and Staff Editors Spencer Davison and Nicole Johnson
  • FALL 2012: Editor-in-Chief Ashwathy Sreenivasan, Features Editors Sangeetha Nagaratnam and Vinayendra Parvathaneni, and News Editor Michael Reardon
  • SPRING 2012: Editor-in-Chief Roger Li, News Editor Viola Luo, News Editor Ashwathy Sreenivasan, and Features Editor Onyeka Azike
  • FALL 2011: Editor-in-Chief Sophia Gao, News Editor Julianne Dixon, News Editor Roger Li, and Features Editor Ben Neblock