Thunder Love

February 13, 2020 Guest Writer 1

Story by Alex and Christine Davis, Class of December 2012 It was Club Day; late summer 2011. I was beginning my third trimester at T-Bird, […]

Go scuba diving!

February 12, 2020 Sneha Pujani 0

By Sneha Pujani This weekend I found out something awesome about ASU, they have a live and kicking Scuba club! Founded by Michael Thomas (Club […]

Raksha Ascent

February 12, 2020 Guest Writer 0

by Jesse Breffle, class of 2019 The cold air poured in under my blanket as I shifted to turn off my alarm. The cold Himalayan […]

Notre Dame!

February 12, 2020 Guest Writer 0

by Rico Austin, class of 1998 This is an award-winning essay originally published by the Arizona Author’s Association. It is with heavy heart and trembling […]