Middle East, Africa and European Regional Night….

With bagpipes and impromptu dances by Anirban and Jessica, the Europe, Africa and Middle East regional night was off to an amazing start. Students enjoyed samples of meals from the Middle East and Africa and premium European beer, as they were entertained with energetic African drumming and a performance by the African group, choreographed by […]

Understanding China: Confucianism, Guanxi and Face

From Thunderbird Knowledge Network. Many foreigners who come to China on business read about the culture and think they understand, but they misapply key concepts such as Confucianism, guanxi and face. “They misunderstand what they read because they look at it through their own cultural lens, rather than trying to see it through a Chinese […]

T-bird team to compete in the Hult Global Case Challenge

A team of four MBA On-Demand students and a professor from Thunderbird are competing in the online event of the 2012 Hult Global Case Challenge, an international business competition with a $1 million grant as a prize. The theme of this year’s case challenge is to look at ways in which business can impact global […]

Thunderbird wins the APICS Case Competition

A congratulations note from The Global Supply Chain Club The Global Supply Chain Club would like to congratulate Sandeep Das, Kinjal Gandhi, Durlabh Jain, Vivek Mehta, Lena Potechin, and Arjun Sathya who led Team Thunderbird to victory at the APICS West Coast Student Case Competiton.  The team competed against 13 other schools in the Graduate […]

More Rice, Please

“To ask or not to ask for more rice” this is the question that hundreds of students internally battle with while standing at the hot meal counter, stationed in between the sandwich counter and the grill. Students must muster up their assertive skills or risk going hungry as getting meals from this line feels like […]