Google in the IBIC


Google is one of the best-known and most admired companies to emerge in the information economy. It’s free to use and connects us with a world of information. But how do they do it? Twenty years ago, a company like Google was both technically and financially unthinkable. But Google created a new information and business paradigm, and in the process Google has radically changed all of our lives.

There have been hundreds of books written on Google. The IBIC collects the best and most relevant. Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google? is a primer for anyone seeking employment with the company, it addresses Google’s unusual method of interviewing prospective employees. Another recent IBIC acquisition is Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything.Want to know how Google got its start? The IBIC has The Google Story and I’m Feeling Lucky: Confessions of Employee number 59.There are also books on marketing using Google, competitive intelligence and Google, books on Google’s business and management model, and even cautionary books about how Google may be negatively impacting society. For a complete list of books about Google in the IBIC, don’t search Google, rather search in THOR or ask an IBIC librarian.


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