Congratulations to Professors Ramaswamy and Inkpen

Professors Kannan Ramaswamy and Andrew Inkpen were recently selected by Journal of International Business Studies/ JIBS as “Special Issue Editors” on the topic, “Governments as Owners: Globalizing State Owned Enterprises”. JIBS is currently rated as the #3 journal in Business according to citation reports published by Thompson Reuters.  FT top 40 since inception. And, to […]

Thunderbird License Plates Go On Sale Today

Arizona motorists can show their pride in Thunderbird School of Global Management with a new specialty license plate that went on sale today. Each specialty plate costs $25, and $17 of this amount goes directly to Thunderbird as a charitable gift. Thunderbird students, staff and alumni voted on the plate’s design in summer 2011 after […]

24-Hour Pass for Buffet of Buffets in Vegas

Exam week is here, everybody is overwhelmed by finals, papers and projects. Stress is visible on everybody’s tired face. While getting ready for the final fight, why not think about something fun for the weekend after this stressful week! For most people on campus, Vegas is on top of the list of places to go […]

Hult case Competition-Final week of Voting. Show your support

A team of four MBA On-Demand students (Brianna Lam MBA ’12, Wesley Herche MBA ‘12, KC Bashant MBA ’12 and Kristen Turra MBA ’12) and  Professor Robert Hisrich as special advisor are  competing in the online event of the 2012 Hult Global Case Challenge, an international business competition with a $1 million grant as a […]

Relaxation Tips

It is exam week and stress is in the air. If you find yourself unable to sleep at night or getting migraines because you are worried, these relaxation tips are sure to help. I don’t have enough time to study. Solution: Facebook. This might seem counterintuitive but instead of sitting in the IBIC all day […]