Harvard Africa Business Conference Share out

After a grueling end of module midterms last week and this one, ABC would like to bring some sunshine back to you days with a share-out of the experiences and lessons our members took away from attending the 14th annual Harvard Africa Business Conference in Boston last week. We had the opportunity to meet many […]

Election time round the corner, TSG looks for the Summer President and VP

As module one comes to an end and we begin the last six weeks of our trimester, the time has now come to think about who will run our Summer TSG. It could be any T-bird who can be our next President and Vice President for the Summer. This time there is no specific eligibility criteria  to […]

Holi celebrated on campus in a Thunderfashion!!

Holi – The Festival Of Colors Holi, also called the festival of colors, is celebrated with great excitement and fun around various parts of India. It primarilycelebrates the change of seasons, the end of winter and the start of spring and all the life associated that it brings with it. Thus, the event is celebrated with lots […]