24-Hour Pass for Buffet of Buffets in Vegas

Exam week is here, everybody is overwhelmed by finals, papers and projects. Stress is visible on everybody’s tired face. While getting ready for the final fight, why not think about something fun for the weekend after this stressful week!

For most people on campus, Vegas is on top of the list of places to go for a blast, shed off stress and refresh yourself for the new module.

When most of us think Vegas, we obviously think about the night life, casinos and shows.  Something many of us haven’t explored is the many buffets in Vegas. Anyone who has been to Vegas knows that eating in restaurants is expensive regardless of what you eat, so why not spend a little extra and enjoy a buffet to satisfy your stomach!

buffetThere are many options for buffets in Vegas, but if you are like most of us, you just don’t have time to research each one.  Additionally, you end up paying a lot for a single meal. Buffet’s in Vegas run at a price of about $30 per meal, which is a large price for cash strapped students to try. However, what if you could add $20 and get all you can eat buffets for 24 hours? This sounds like a much better deal.

There are seven hotels in Vegas participated in the “24-Hour Pass for Buffet of Buffets”. Purchasing this deal is easy:
1)  Ask for 24 hours buffet pass in any of the 7 participating hotels.
2)  The cashier will give you a wristband for access. (If you don’t ask, they won’t offer you this deal)
3)  For the next 24 hours, enjoy unlimited buffets!
4)  Whenever you go to a different location, show the cashier the wristband and they will scan it for access. Easy and simple!

The24 hour pass is good at seven different locations: Harrah’s, Flamingo, Imperial Palace, Paris Las Vegas, Rio Hotel (has two buffet restaurants), and Planet Hollywood. The cost is $49.99 + tax ($44.99 + tax if you are a Total Rewards member).

For those who have been to the buffet restaurants in Vegas, you surely remember the painful waiting line (normally takes about 45 minutes or more during lunch and dinner). Concerned about the long line? There is another tip for you. Tell the cashier you want to buy an express line pass. This will only cost you an additional $10 which will allow you to skip the long line and go straight to enjoy your meal.  This will give you more time to enjoy the many other sights and surroundings of Vegas.  Of course, if you don’t want to spend another $10 on the buffet, the best way is to plan your trip and avoid the peak time!

Still not convinced the deal is good enough? What about getting it for free?! You can simply reserve your hotel for 2+ nights in any of those 7 hotels and you will get 2 free 24 hours pass. You must use this link to finish the transaction. The deal is valid until 7/31/2012. Click on the hotel logo and it should guide you through the transaction.

Wish everyone good luck on the finals and have a blast this weekend!

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