An Afghan in Africa

By Ilaha (Eli) Omar ’12 My MBA experience is coming to a close, but the journey has barely begun. During my 19-month Global MBA program I traveled to Geneva, Beijing and Sao Paulo, but the long-awaited & final leg of my MBA experience was my auspicious visit to Mother Africa. Although I had previously visited […]

Das Tor Survey Results

Thank you for those who participated in the Das Tor survey. We hope the survey bring you smile, fun and relaxation at the end of your graduate program at Thunderbird. As of April 7, Das Tor has collected 65 responses. Below are the survey results for you. Question #7: Final words to Thunderbird: You gave […]

Wanted: Businessweek seeking new student bloggers

It’s that time of year again, when Bloomberg Businessweek starts planning the new series of MBA Journals. We’re looking for entering MBA students in the 2012-13 academic year, the significant others of MBA students, and those applying to business school now to share the best and worst of their B-school journey. The MBA Journals are […]

Ambassador Barrett’s Town Hall

By: Ashwathy Sreenivasan’12 Ambassador Barrett arrived on campus earlier this week to share her vision of the school for the next few months with the students. Having been the first woman to Chair our Board of Trustees and being associated with the school for many years now, she knows this school and its capabilities like […]

Winning Case competition Tbirds share their strategies

By: Ashwathy Sreenivasan’12 This Friday, during the weekly TSG meeting, as part of the agenda, our case competitions winners were invited to make a presentation to the audience based on what their case was and what strategies that helped them win. First to present was the International Venture Capital Team (Harsha Reddy, Chris Lopez, Manish […]