Be a Campus Ambassador this Tri

Thunderbird Campus Ambassadors is a student led organization that works closely with the Recruiting and Admissions offices at Thunderbird. These volunteers bridge the divide between the institution and prospective students, corporate partners and the public. Campus Ambassadors Activities Include: Meeting with future students Class visits Thunderbird Preview Weekends Campus Tours Webinars and Online Chats Representation […]

Behind the Brains of Foundations’12

By: Anirrban Mukherjii, Captain, Foundations team’12 It really feels surreal to pen down my thoughts on the past two weeks. Foundations Fall 2012 was an attempt by a humble and hardworking team of students, faculty and support staff to provide the perfect orientation for 230-odd students who were entering the Thunderbird family. A 7 day intensive […]

New Tri, New Team.

Welcome new and returning students! I hope you all had a wonderful summer travelling across the globe, learning new cultures, meeting new people and doing the other great things that T-birds always manage to do. As we all get geared up for classes to start this week and the endless projects and meetings to begin, […]

My Thunderbird Moment

My Thunderbird Moment I don’t remember the exact string of words in our first conversation. Maybe because it was effortless and happened over doughnuts: Munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts in pretty pink and white boxes sitting on the pantry table. It was the third day of my summer internship and I was purposely lingering around the […]


For many of us, this weekend marks the end of a summer vacation or the end of a summer semester. But here in Glendale, we must remember that the end is only to the vacation or the semester – not the summer itself! As we greet yet another week of triple-digit temperatures, Das Tor brings […]

Welcome Incoming T-birds!

Not only are we welcoming back the continuing students from all over the world, but this past week and a half, campus has been taken over by a new group of Thunderbirds: the 2012 incoming class! From far and wide, the new incoming class flocked to Glendale for Foundations week and the coveted Foundations Champion […]

The Navajo way: Summerim blends healthcare, culture

Phoenix has cutting edge health care and biotechnology centers that attract interest from all over the world, but Thunderbird Professor Karen Brown, Ph.D., also wanted her students to see how the medical industry works on the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona. After touring several Phoenix and Flagstaff sites in May 2012, Brown took her Summerim […]

When Bosses Do Harm

By Kannan Ramaswamy, Ph.D., and Bill Youngdahl, Ph.D. Bad bosses don’t wake up in the morning and ask themselves: “How can I derail the corporate strategy today?” Our research, based on surveys and interviews with more than 250 managers in 37 countries, shows that most ineffective leaders remain blissfully unaware of the harm they do […]

Ten things to do when your car breaks down in Liberia

Thunderbird’s Liberia TEM Lab team provided inspiration for Interim Thunderbird President Barbara Barrett, who spoke Aug. 17, 2012, at the summer commencement. Following is the full text of her speech: Thunderbird graduates, it is nice to see you all together in one place at the same time … sitting down. That is rare for Thunderbird […]