Photo Boom, the man behind the cause

IMG_3101-001You all must have noticed by now the Photo Boom explosion on the gameroom wall at the Pub. This started as a marketing tool by Shutter Club to mark its presence this tri and to share its passion with the Thunderbird community. Most of the back wall is now filled with just the pictures taken by one man, Nishit Raj Singh, President of Shutter Club, during his travels.

Nishit unveils the story behind it all:

Rajasthan (a state in North-west India) is where my roots are and where I long to be.. was brought up in cities but had to spend the summers (2 month holiday from school) and alternate Nav-ratras (a major festival from the region I belong to)… traveling around the state to meet relatives… covering at least 5 cities… 9 villages .. 10 national highways…11 state highways and a lost count of streets… Never knew how those memories along with years of geeky interest in documentaries would then culminate into a passion for being behind the lens… The journey started with a 5 mega pix camera in 2008 when I first traveled to Africa… then there was no looking back… I had to get better at it… It made me more creative and receptive to ideas … Photography completely engulfed me…  So much so that I decided to take a break from my consulting job in 2009 and traveled for a ‘bit’ before coming to Thunderbird…  Since all the savings were spent on photo equipment… barter deals helped fund the travels…

The Shutter Club’s  ‘Photo Boom’ on “The Black Wall” @ “THUNDER-Pub” showcases what was encapsulated of the social fabrics I saw through my lens while travelling around India, Zambia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kuwait and Sri-Lanka.
“I have discovered photography. Now I can kill myself. I have nothing else to learn”  said Pablo. There is a lot to learn before I can say the same but this time around glad that I have so many of you to learn from and hope we at The Shutter Club are able to disseminate our knowledge and experience in this field.

The Shutter Club may not be a medium to enhance your professional acumen but will surely help augment cultural sensitivity by now viewing the world through a tool that not only filters inhibitions and stereotypes but also incepts a virus of humility and cultural fathom.

The Shutter Club team looks forward to making another attempt, after the first failed-one, to do an info session the next weekend. Watch out for the email!

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