Week 4- TSG Bulletin

Dear T-birds,

Due to popular demand from the student body, the TSG president’s weekly bulletins will now be emailed to students under the title: “Madi’s Mailers” on Thursday nights. They will still be available on Das Tor, if you happen to delete the email.

Madi’s Mailers will provide a weekly update on what’s happened, happening, and will happen on the Thunderbird campus as they relate to students. Once again, TSG would love to know how we could better serve you. So feel free to email us at tsg@thunderbird.edu.

TSG Updates

Regional Nights and Thunder Planners
Host: TSG

The survey results are in! nearly 54% of students who voted chose 3 regional nights instead of 2 regional nights. Our Events team has already started contacting coordinators to commence celebrations. If you have any suggestions, contact TSG via email, social media, or MTB page.

Thunder Planners is an association of students who interested in planning and organizing the regional nights. Please sign up in the sheet given below by Wednesday at 11:59 pm. The date for the first meeting of Thunder Planners Association will be sent out shortly after.


Club Balances and Allocations

Presentation slides should now be available on TSG’s MTB page. Martena and Jesse (Tech Coordinator) will have a more interactive online presentation available soon.

If there are any French-speaking students interested in volunteering, please email TSG Community Outreach Chair Josephine Chiang (jochiang@global.t-bird.edu).

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TSG’s primary objective is to enhance the student experience by communicating effectively. Let us know how we can better serve you. For further details, see our MTB page.

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