10,000 Women Haiti Commencement


As you are all well aware, we  currently have 27 Haitian female entrepreneurs on campus for a two week course. They are here to enhance their business skills and learn various techniques that they could go back and use to improve their business. Some of the classes they have taken so far are Global Pricing with Professor Baer, Business planning and a competition will also be held later on, where the women have to pitch in their ideas to a panel of  acting venture capitalists. These women are coming from different backgrounds and abilities with minimum ability with English, yet have been able to set up their own enterprises back home.  Some women sell craft, some sell liqour, cosmetics, shoes, accessories and more. They will be selling these items in The Commons on October 26th, 10 – 11 45 am at The Commons, TC 1, 2 & 3.

melanne-verveer_250This class of October’12 will be graduating on October 26th and we will be holding their commencement on The Lawn, 1- 2  30 pm. We would like to invite the entire student body, faculty and administration to join us to felicitate this graduating class. We will be having a very special, honourable guest joining us as the keynote speaker: Melanne Verveer, US -Ambassador-at-Large for Global Womens’ Issues.

Weather.com has predicted that we will be having a fairly present day, only mid-80’s! We expect to see you all out there, this coming Friday, for the class of Oct’12.

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