Rugby Club’s Publicity Stunt

Remember seeing clowns, mimes and more weirdos on campus, just over two weeks ago? In fact the cast ensemble was a clown, cowboy, English gentleman, mime, or a number of other random characters running around.  No, the circus hadn’t come to Thunderbird… at least not quite yet. The Thunderbird Rugby Club was filming an end of the […]

Proposal at the Gala: Thunderlove Continues On

This Gala will top all the previous Galas for being one of the most memorable galas. Why you ask? How often do you get to see your friend propose on Stage at an event like the Gala in front of over 200 people? This is what happened on Friday, December 14th at Hotel Valley Ho Scottsdale.  Alex […]

T-shirts Capture the Wisdom of Professor Dash

Global political economy students appreciated Professor Kishore Dash so much that they printed T-shirts with his likeness and threw a party for him on Dec. 12, 2012. The shirts, designed by Huijuan Guo ’13 with support from Patrick Mah ’13, include memorable quotes from Dash on the back — arranged in the shape of the […]