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IMG_4968Has everyone met the Das Tor team this Trimester? They have been working all day, everyday, tracking the events, the students who participate in these events and pestering everyone to provide us with information so that we can give you what is relevant.

After having worked two Tri’s as an Editor for Das Tor, I am pleased to say that this has been one of our most successful Tris. Students and staff have been walking up to the team thanking us for getting as much information as we can out there in a manner that is not tedious. It has only been three Tri’s since the inception of the online version of Das Tor and we are hoping to become more useful to the Thunderbird Student body.

This time my team, Vinayendra, Michael and Sangeetha have been exceptional covering articles of all sorts from internships to chocolates. We got it all in. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them and also wish Vinayendra and Sangeetha all the very best as we take the Graduation Walk this Friday, 14th December.

Lastly, congratulations to Michael, for being selected as the Editor -in-Chief of Dastor for the Spring trimester. If you would like to work for Das Tor next Tri and work along with Michael, please email your interest in this position and your resume to daryl.james@thunderbird.edu.

-Ashwathy Sreenivasan’12

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