T-shirts Capture the Wisdom of Professor Dash

Kishore-DashGlobal political economy students appreciated Professor Kishore Dash so much that they printed T-shirts with his likeness and threw a party for him on Dec. 12, 2012. The shirts, designed by Huijuan Guo ’13 with support from Patrick Mah ’13, include memorable quotes from Dash on the back — arranged in the shape of the Thunderbird logo. Some samples: “You know Canada … Canada anyone? Well, it is a country.” … “Europeans love banana! But not Asian. Asian bananas are smaller but sweeter and nutritious … Europeans love it bigger.” … “Whenever I ask you to name a country, just say U.S. I mean, how wrong can you be?” … “There are too many Marxists in here.” … “What I want to see is your smiles in the end of the quiz.”