Branded in the heart of New York

By Ashwathy Sreenivasan’12 Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the group to thank our Professor, Richard Ettenson without whom this trip would not have been a successful and worthy one! 47 Thunderbirds spent two spectacular weeks in the heart of New York at the American Management Association office at Time square […]

On-Demand? Why would someone do that?

By Kelly Swanson When I saw the staff of the Das Tor listed in the magazine I asked myself, “Where are the On-Demand folks?” I kept reading, and found a small article that mentioned the On-Demand program and how they were going on an RBE. Farther back in some other issues it was mentioned again. […]

Welcome to Das Tor 2013!

Welcome to all of our new students and readers and welcome back all returning students! I hope that everyone’s first week back was eventful and that you all are getting back in the swing of things. I would like to take some time to introduce myself and my new Das Tor team for this Spring […]

NEW! T-bird blogger at Financial Times

Did you know that there’s a T-bird who blogs for Financial Times? Even better, did you know his posts have been ranked #1 consistently? Meet Kyle Wu, 2nd Trimester Traditional MBA. Spring 2013 Foundations Leader and blogger for the MBA section on Financial Times. To lend some perspective in the recent change in our rankings, […]

How to get out of Glendale

Thunderbird is typically a new beginning for students, and why not accompany this new beginning with some new friends? The majority of Thunderbird students live on campus, and don’t allow themselves the opportunity to meet others throughout the Phoenix community. Thus, as a native, I am here to open up T-Birds to the many opportunities […]