Thunderbird @ World Fair 2013

tbirdworldfairThunderbird Student Government in association with the regional clubs held a booth at the 2013 World Fair event organized by Kyrene de la Mariposa Elementary school on Friday, 22nd February. Thunderbird has been lending its numerous country flags to this school for the past five years. This was Mariposa’s 7th Annual World Fair and the event saw participation from students, faculty, staff and parents. There were many culture booths manned by families from the school, entertainment by students and families, a fashion show of beautiful outfits from around the world and a delightful sampling of various international foods. We were lucky to meet 4 T-bird alumni as well, including Robert Desrosiers, Class of 1995. Overall, truly an enriching experience.


(Pictures and Article Courtesy:  Soumya Sivadas)

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