The Weekly Substandard, CCC-pocalypse

794015921217a6fb5ade19d1ecd5f02aAs the middle of second module approaches quickly, chaos is on the midst of its heels. CCC classes under the guidance of Professor Karen Walch were exposed to a bit of the real world this week when they were told that they would now be voting whether to cooperate or compete against one another, all of this done anonymously. If everyone chose to cooperate, everyone got an A on the final. If even one person chose to compete to better their grade, the rest suffered. Results are revealed at midnight of voting day, and the first set of results was none to pleasant: one person in each section chose themselves over their classmates, and chose to compete. Within seconds, chaos erupted on Thunderbird gmail accounts, quickly bringing the end to my iPhone battery life (I was none too happy about this), and RBE classes all over campus were ignored as the students bickered back and forth for the ensuing hour of the CCC-pocalypse.

Since Jack wasn’t fortunate to be a part of this event, but his cousin, Jacques, was, I would like to pose a few questions to him: To begin with, who do you think the culprits were? Do you think it was an honest mistake, or was it a diligent tactic to create mass chaos? OR, do you think it was a clever ploy by Professor Walch, and she is snickering to herself as she reads this column? Last but not least, what gets the message across faster- a baseball bat or a pitchfork?

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