The Weekly Substandard: Keeping up with the Kim’s

Jack: What can be written about this that hasn’t already been explored time and time again?  We may be woefully unqualified to speak about it but that certainly won’t stop us. North Korea continues to tirelessly threaten war and the US is running out of reactions.  First was anger, then frustration, followed by bemusement and ending […]

The Real Team Is The One That Doesn’t Wait To Help

By Kelly Swanson Welcome to all the new On-Demand students that are getting started and a heartfelt shout out to everyone who is studying hard and getting prepared for finals for their quarters. We all experience tough times, whether it be financial, business, or personal. It is through these experiences that we grow, mature, and […]

Week 10 – TSG Bulletin

Hello fellow T-birds, The campus is going to be buzzing with events over the next couple of weeks! Please scroll down to find out more, and be sure to put these on your calendars: Alumni Mixer at the Pub Tuesday, April 9th, 5:30 – 8:30 pm, Thunderbird Pub   Haven’t been able to make it […]

The Prague Chronicles #1

Dobry Den. Greetings from the Czech Republic! It’s been 3 weeks in Prague, and it has been one amazing experience. Prof. Babarinde led the RBE Europe session, and during the course, we went on several company visits (TPCA, Aero Vodochody and Cisco). A T-bird alum, Ladislav Šimek is the President and Chairman of Aero Vodochody, […]

Plan B

  So it’s that time of the year when friends and peers are accepting offers for summer and full-time positions. If you’re one of those people, heartiest congratulations! If you’re not, do not fret just yet. There is still hope and you could still land interviews and offers. This is true for both domestic and […]

B-school and Technology

Everyone knows it. B-school is one crazy place. Packed schedules and information overload. That poor brain of yours gets deep-fried every single day! Luckily for us Gen Y students, technology has made life a whole lot easier (we’ll talk about how technology is a boon here). Here’s a list of applications you can use on […]

A Night in Asia

This past weekend, six clubs came together to represent the continent of Asia through food, song, and dance. First and foremost, a huge thank you to the Indian Subcontinent Club, Japan Club, Thai Club, Greater China Club, Taiwan Club, and Korea Club for putting on a phenomenal Asia Regional Night. The night began with an […]