When I Retire – Unpredictable Future

Photo courtesy of BusinessBecause
Photo courtesy of BusinessBecause

By Carlin Sack featuring Victoriano Cabiles

Last week, our very own Victor Cabiles was featured in “BusinessBecause” for his very interesting insights into the future of the business world and the creation of “McWalmart.”

When I Retire Competition Finalist Victoriano Cabiles is a Filipino national currently living in the U.S. as a Thunderbird MBA.


Hmmm, hmmm, let’s see.  A seemingly innocent but complex and hypothetical question deserves a cryptic and nebulous response.  One of my answers to the question:  when I retire (whenever that may be), the world will be either better or worse than what it is now.  So, the odds are even—50/50—depending on the unfolding of events from now.

I need to be either an “intuitive” or a Bain & Company consultant who has retirement forecasting tools to complete this essay.  Alright, I’ll assume the role of an “intuitive,” simply because it is virtually impossible to predict the future of the world, much like the weather.

There are so many actors and factors to consider:  for example, China, and whether it will finally eclipse the US in economic dominance.  Socially and politically, the US may still be # 1, and the divorce rate among same-sex couples will trump that of the heterosexuals.  Dick Cheney could be dead by then, and Obama will become Canadian.  There will be an Asian Oprah.  No, it’s not going to be Vera Wang, but close.  The Asian hegemon will rise and rule the world.  The culinary arts will become more prominent.  McDonald’s will have a new name: McWalmart.  Cars will drive themselves automatically.  The natural gas, oil, and energy sector will provide the most number of jobs.  There will be a lot of earthquakes and birds dropping dead from above.

Another answer:  Jesus will be back!  This time, he will not be crucified, but he will probably face some charges for converting water to wine.  The world will be filled with joy, happiness, bankruptcy and foreclosures.  The US will give Alaska to the Chinese as interest payment for US debt.  Sarah Palin will move to Hawaii, and become a hula dancer.  Hmmm, hmmm, we’ll see….

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