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Wi-Fi Assessment Update

networkBy Peter Zabawa

Over the last several months the IT department has been conducting a Wi-Fi assessment across campus, including the student dorm rooms (284 rooms) and public areas such as the Commons and the IBIC. The purpose of this assessment has been to identify and fix any Wi-Fi signal deficiencies found. The assessment results have been analyzed and many of the identified weak spots have already been improved.

Additional access points have been deployed where needed and adjustments to existing access points were made to boost signal strength.  IT will continue to improve Wi-Fi availability across campus where possible but, in the meantime, please continue to report any and all Wi-Fi problems you encounter to the Helpdesk.

Please keep in mind that privately-owned Wi-Fi access points are not permitted in dorm rooms as they interfere with Thunderbird Wi-Fi access points and decrease performance for other users. If you are currently using a privately-owned Wi-Fi access point or even a wireless printer, please be considerate to your neighbors and turn that device or the wireless feature off.

Lastly, the Helpdesk has noticed an increase in Mac Wi-Fi-related issues on campus, where Mac users are experiencing difficulties with browsing the Internet. Most of the issues were found to be linked to “Preferred Network Entries” on the Mac itself. Please follow this link http://help.thunderbird.edu/content/mac-wi-fi-connection-issues or stop by the Helpdesk for assistance with this issue.

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