Student Spotlight: Monica Belz-Thomas

By Kelly Swanson We are kicking off our On Demand student highlight series with one of the most amazing up-and-coming females on the planet. She is the lovely and always graceful Monica Belz-Thomas. When she is not rock climbing, surfing the biggest waves, spearfishing, night diving, free diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and kayaking, she is […]

Breakfast with GE Recruiters

MBA Women International Club organized a breakfast with a few of the Thunderbird alumni who were here to recruit students for Experienced Commercial Leadership Program (ECLP). They gave information about the program and walked us through the recruitment process. The alumni were all very excited to be back in campus even if it was just […]

Get Caught Driving (Normally)

By Abe Comarow You’ve seen the iconic U-Haul Car Share WANTED signs in your lounges and laundry rooms throughout campus. Lately these signs have been taking on a new meaning. So what’s going on with the U-Haul Car Share? A couple of weeks ago someone smashed the window to the Ford Focus and stole the gas […]

American Fiesta!

If there were any other way to fire up a Campus Preview weekend, the Americas Regional Night definitely trumped it! From the amazing, authentic food courtesy of the impeccable culinary decisions of the Latin American Business Club to the Mariachi singers specially brought in to pep up the crowd to the dashing dance performances by […]

Summer 2013 Internship Profiles

So how did some of us T-birds spend the Summer this year? We decided to ask some of our peers about their internship experiences, and here’s what they had to say: “My internship experience was very helpful in making me realize what my strengths and weaknesses are and what I really want to do in […]

Faculty Column: The Power of Storytelling

By Professor Rick Baer In this trimester’s Global MarComm class, I decided to highlight the power of storytelling–as this idea is getting great exposure as the current “magic potion” to motivate and engage customers and consumers. The idea of storytelling as an effective means of MarComm is not new, however. Religions have been great storytellers […]

Ice cream, lunches and business

This Thursday, September 26, Ajay Vaddi, Danielle Rinderknecht and I were invited to a luncheon in honor of Global Issues Forum speaker, Mr. Michael McGill, President of International for the Kahala Corporation. Kahala Corporation is a premier quick service restaurant brand with 14 brands under its umbrella– Cold Stone Creamery is a subsidiary of Kahala. The luncheon was also attended […]

Know Your Campus and Win! – Contest #2

So what did you think of the contest? Congratulations to last week’s winner, Nikhil Purwaha! He won a $15 Wal-Mart gift card by being the first to email the most accurate answer. The correct response was: The picture is a section of the sundial which is in front of the conference/ board room at the Tower. […]

Update 9/27

Hello T-birds! Have you noticed that the weather is getting nicer? For those of you who are new to Arizona, you have almost survived your first Arizona summer. Starting very soon, you’ll understand why people like to live here – our winters are truly lovely. On a much more serious note, I wanted to take […]

New Students’ take on Our Big Night

I didn’t plan on taking the stage at regional night until around 11:30 AM Saturday, when I learned my “dancing skills” were needed. Although my career on stage lasted, at most, 30 seconds, it was clear–Thunderbird’s Regional Night had an air of celebration around it.  The efforts put on by the organizers, the food cooked […]