Back as an Excited Student

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Courtesy: Chakravarthy Josyam

By Chakravarthy Josyam

In the movie Rocky VI, Sylvester Stallone, who was in retirement after a successful boxing career, lacks something in life and still thinks he has some bit of boxing left in him. So he goes for a final fight when his junior challenged him. I was in a similar situation after five years into my consulting career. I felt I lacked something and I needed more. Finally I end up at Thunderbird School of Global Management to pursue my MBA.

I am glad to be back as a student. Being student has its own advantages. The vigor and valor are back, full time for ‘fun-time’, personality guards are off, flirting and making mischief are on. Cards, creativity and competition take the front seat, your perceptions change as you listen from professors, international students and yourself. You become much more receptive as a student. Your brain starts functioning full time. You cherish the time that would become good memories and form friends for a lifetime.

Coming in as an international student is a different ball game together. You come to realize how complex or simple one is at certain things. The expression of anger, distaste, happiness, joy, disappointment, and success are different across the cultures. Through these expressions you become aware of the other’s sensitivity. Once you understand the sensitivity you will never be the same person again.

I screwed up last time I was a student and now I do not want to waste the second opportunity. After the boxing match Stallone comes out of the ring and says to his friend “It is all over now and we did it.” I expect to repeat what Stallone said during my graduation.

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