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Get Caught Driving (Normally)

By Abe Comarow

You’ve seen the iconic U-Haul Car Share WANTED signs in your lounges and laundry rooms throughout campus. Lately these signs have been taking on a new meaning.

Pic Courtesy: Abe Comarow

So what’s going on with the U-Haul Car Share? A couple of weeks ago someone smashed the window to the Ford Focus and stole the gas card. One week later, the day we got the Ford Focus back, someone took out the Mini Cooper and sanded off all of the decals. Then, last week, someone took out the Ford Focus and hid it behind some trees in a neighborhood. And finally again Friday night someone broke the window to the Ford Focus again. The same people responsible had also taken out two cars from Grand Canyon University. Fortunately, the vehicles have tracking and we were able to recover these vehicles, but again without the gas cards. Unfortunately all vehicles are down for repairs presently, but both should arrive back on campus this week. There’s even news of some brand new cars possibly coming to campus.

What U-Haul knows is that none of the individuals responsible for these acts are students from the Thunderbird campus. U-Haul is working with Thunderbird’s security to try to keep a safer eye around campus. If you see something suspicious please notify security.

In light of these events for the rest of this Trimester, we will be having a “Get Caught Driving (Normally)” Event. If I see you on the campus driving the U-Haul Car Share Cars, I will give you a free gift of unspeakable value. Obviously, it was not the best start for this year but the U-Haul Car Share is an excellent program for students who do not have cars on campus. Starting at just $5 an hour, its perfect to run some errands, go to Wal-Mart or have dinner with friends. Gas and insurance is included in your rental. You can even sign up with a foreign driver’s license. Sign up is free for Thunderbird students and U-Haul has provided a promo code for Thunderbird students to add $10 credit with code: Thunderbird2013.

If you have any questions about the program feel free to reach out to me, the campus brand manager for U-Haul, at Abe.Comarow@global.t-bird.edu.

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