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Courtesy: Janani Balu
Courtesy: www.groovyfoody.wordpress.com

It’s a hot sunny day (not something unusual in Arizona), I sit down to write (that’s something unusual!) and blank spaces engulf my mind. I open the refrigerator and take out a bar of dark chocolate. And chips. And then orange juice. Still nothing creative or anywhere near sensible. It’s just the second week and I’m already dried out of topics. One last time I look at things around me for inspiration and woo-hoo! It is chocolates this time. To all the chocolate lovers here are many more reasons to indulge; and to chocolate haters, I hope you like at least the facts!

The history of this elixir dates back to 1100 BC when it was not only used as a beverage but also as a source of sugar for fermenting alcohol. The notorious Mayans seem to have laid their magic touch on the cocoa crops too and, thus, was born the modern beverage which eventually underwent many changes in Europe. However, it is a well-known fact that chocolates today come in various shapes, sizes, forms and flavors.

In contrast to most of our beliefs, chocolates actually contribute their share to good health. Chocolates, especially dark, are rich in anti-oxidants and therefore, help in preventing heart-attacks, delay aging, and check cancer. Though many of us have experienced this, it is also scientifically proven that chocolates can make you feel better by stimulating endorphins, an works as an anti-depressant. Now you know what you should do when you feel low. As they silently battle against our health problems, I’m now tempted to call them ‘The Dark Knight’ for reasons more than one!

Courtesy: www.groovyfoody.wordpress.com

Note to self: Should come up with more interesting subjects rather than ‘trying’ to make something interesting!

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