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Courtesy: Thunderbird Rugby Club

Discover Rugby!

Many of us (like me) that grew up in the States know rugby as a rough sport exclusively for foreign countries. Others reading this may have played their whole lives, and know the rules by heart. Either way, rugby is the only competitive sport on campus, as club President Jay Stahlman says, so students interested in enjoying a weekend sporting event at Thunderbird should get familiar with this truly global game.

To make the sport more accessible to potentially clueless students like me, the team has been using classroom sessions called “Discover Rugby” to introduce new players and supporters alike to the rules of rugby.

I attended the session held last Thursday and was treated to a basic rundown of how the game is played, as well as several YouTube clips that show how exciting and fast-paced a game can be.

The final Discover Rugby session will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 1:00pm in Snell 23. The club, and I, both encourage men and women interested in learning the basics to attend.

The Rugby Club will also hold practices every Monday and Thursday from 4:30-6:30. And don’t worry if you don’t have any rugby skills or aren’t “built” for the game. All genders and skill levels are welcomed to the first 20 minutes of practice for conditioning. The club wants to get as many students involved as possible, so bring your friends to blow off some steam with a good run-around on the pitch.

Courtesy: Thunderbird Rugby Club
Courtesy: Thunderbird Rugby Club

Further, the club will be very active this trimester, with numerous opportunities to show your support or enjoy the camaraderie of the team. Some examples of planned activities include social events, traveling to a tournament in flagstaff, hosting the Thunderbird Rugby Invitational on campus, and a Halloween party fundraiser, complete with party buses to Scottsdale.

As a result of the information session last Thursday, I signed up to play this trimester. Will we see you out there, too?

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