Update 9/6/13

Courtesy: Rebecca Henriksen

Hello ThunderFamily!

I hope your term is off to a magnificent start! It’s so nice to have all of you here on campus. T-birds are the best! This is another information packed update, so please be sure to read it carefully.

Course packets are available at the IBIC: Course packets are now available at the IBIC, so students can check them out for 2 hours, in-building use only. They’re in THOR, indexed under professor and course, or ask someone at the Circ. Desk for assistance.

Message from the CMC for returning students: We have many exciting events lined up to connect students with employers this fall, so now is the best time to get your résumé ready. While your experiences are still fresh, please:

  • Update your résumé with internships, relevant course work and/or projects that you may have worked on this summer.

Review and update your profile on GlobalConnect – including uploading your newly updated résumé. Employers are already looking for students based on their GlobalConnect profiles, and we don’t want you to miss out.

Career Fair Prep Workshop: Thunderbird’s Career Fair is eight weeks away, and many other global career fairs are taking place in the coming weeks as well. Stand out above the competition by getting insider information about the best way to impress employers. Register for one of these workshops today. See GlobalConnect for more information.

Mandatory club leaders meeting: All Club Leaders and students who would like to start a new club, must attend the MANDATORY Club Leaders Meeting on Tuesday, 10th of September during the dead hour (1:00pm – 2:30pm). This meeting will be held in Brown Lecture Hall (54). This meeting will help us plan Club Day effectively.

The Club Day will be held on Friday, 13th of September at Commons and Pavilion. Please contact Govind Menon, TSG Student Activities Chair, for more details or any concerns. The Club Day Application Packet is attached along with this mail.

Global Summit on Negotiation and Trust: You may have heard the buzz about the Global Summit on Negotiation and Trust heating up over the past several months. Now is the time to mark your calendar for this action-packed meeting of the minds!

The three-day event, will take place November 8, 9 & 10, 2013 on campus and Thunderbird students are being offered a special rate to attend.

The Global Summit on Negotiation and Trust 2013 is the only professional conference that directly makes the connection between negotiation, trust and achieving a sustainable outcome. For all of the details , follow this link: http://globalsummitonnegotiation.com/

Student Town Hall, Tuesday, September 17th, 1:00 p.m.: Please plan to join President Penley and other members of the Senior Management Team for an important all-student Town Hall on Tuesday, September 17th from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. in the TEC. Dr. Penley will discuss Thunderbird’s vision for the future and will leave time for questions and conversation.

Costco is coming to Thunderbird!: COSTCO Wholesale Club is coming to the Thunderbird Campus on Thursday, September 12, 2013 to offer their discount cards to the entire Thunderbird Community. Costco will be on the Commons Patio from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Costco will be bringing refreshments! Please stop by and obtain a COSTCO CARD.

Thunderbird Marketing Association “Meet and Greet”: The Thunderbird Marketing Association will host a “Meet and Greet” session at the pub next Wednesday (Sept.11th) from 6:30pm to 8:00pm for its current members and the new students to get to know each other and network.

Professors Auh, Baer, Stringfellow and Zerio will be at the event to interact with students.

Ask TSG!: The Ask TSG initiative was started in Spring 2013, wherein we have the TSG members sitting in the commons to hear your concerns. This is one initiative which has been highly successful in the past and we believe that this is a great way for the students to get the answers that they are looking out for. The TSG members are committed to serve the student body to the fullest and we want to address your concerns as quickly as possible. Ask TSG is your platform to voice your concerns, suggestions or queries. The TSG assures you that your queries will be addressed during the public meetings. Looking forward to hear from you!!!

Honor Council applications now available: Applications are now open for Honor Council and everybody is welcome to apply! You can find the application attached or on the Honor Council MTB page. The Honor Council is not a club but a Thunderbird Sponsored organization like the TSG and Campus Ambassadors so there is an interview process involved. The directions are in the application, so don’t be shy, apply!

Free yoga classes in the Thunderbird Chapel: Free yoga classes are offered at 5:15 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Chapel starting (class lasts around one hour, maybe a little longer). Bring a yoga mat and wear yoga appropriate clothes – we have plenty of blocks, blankets and straps! The class is open to students, staff and faculty – Thunderspouses are welcome, too! These are all-level classes, so whether you’re an experienced yogi or have never tried it, we will offer modifications to make you comfortable with the goal of offering the right combination of challenge and stress relief.

If you’d like to join the class, please print out, complete and sign the attached release form, and bring it with you to class. Hope to see you there!

Thunderbird Alcohol Policy: We all want our students to have a wonderful time while they’re here on campus, academically, professionally and socially. We know that for many students, relaxing an partying with friends often includes alcohol consumption and that our students are responsible adults. There are laws, however, that we must abide by in order to maintain our liquor license and also to protect the school, our employees and our students. The Thunderbird Alcohol Policy was designed for that specific purpose – not to spoil your fun, but to make sure our students can continue to relax and have fun for months years to come. You should have read this policy in the student bulletin (catalog) and signed a document stating that you have read school policies and agree to abide by them, but for your convenience, here is a reminder of this important policy:


The sale, distribution, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages in or on Thunderbird owned or leased property is strictly prohibited except for areas mandated by the School’s liquor license or areas designated for personal consumption. A complete list of designated areas can be obtained from Chartwells when students register an alcohol event.


Alcohol Event

  • Any calendared, registered, or sponsored event with/by TSG that is serving any amount of alcohol
  • Any event on campus not sponsored by TSG, but involves more than 10 individuals that is serving any amount of alcohol

Alcohol-Prohibited Zones

  • Areas where the sale, distribution, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. These areas include all athletic facilities (volleyball/tennis/racquetball/basketball courts, gym, rugby pitch,etc.).


  • A bartender is a person who has completed level one training by the Arizona Basic Consumption and Alcohol Education (BCAE) task force and who has registered with Chartwells
  • An employee of the Thunderbird Pub

Open Container

  • Any bottle, can, or other receptacle that contains any amount of alcoholic beverage and that is open or has a broken seal, or the contents of which are partially removed.

Personal Consumption

  • A reasonable amount of alcohol consumed by an individual in their dormitory or a residential space. Personal consumption varies by individual however, if the student fails to abide by the Federal or State laws or Thunderbird policy, becomes incapacitated and/or threatens to or causes harm to themselves, others, or Thunderbird property they become subject to disciplinary actions.

Residential Space

  • Those areas in or immediately adjacent to active dormitories. They include the “Fish” by A&B dormitories, Coleman Lounge and barbecue by East Dorms, the Sobo Lounge and quad in West dorms, and the quad and small picnic area by the Executive Inn.

Thank you for reading and following this policy.


As always, I remain available to you for questions, concerns and ideas.

Have a lovely weekend,


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