Kenya post Westgate – Panel Discussion

By Barry Nyauke ’13 On September 21, 2013, the world’s attention was captured by a brazen attack on Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Members of Al Shabaab, a Somali Islamist militant group, laid siege on the mall with military grade weapons leaving at least 67 dead and close to 200 injured. The Thunderbird Community converged […]

Free Time on Campus

           I know many of us spend countless sleepless hours late at night, trying to make sense of that one last formula or why a balance sheet won’t balance.  However, in my short time on Thunderbird’s campus, I’ve found plenty of ways to procrastinate.             Often times, I’m about to go […]

BYOLunch with MBAWI: Internships!

By Christine Moore, President, MBA Women International Club The MBA Women International Club held their weekly BYOLunch informal chit-chats with Thunderbird women. On Tuesday, October 1st, the theme was Internships. Women who had completed summer internships this past summer shared their stories on how to obtain an internship, their roles while at the company, and […]

Faculty Column: Fixing Things

By Professor Bill Youngdahl Fixing things is part of my DNA. As a boy, I’d pull appliances apart and put them back together. This orientation landed me in manufacturing engineering and project management positions before migrating to academia. More recently, I’ve been focusing on fixing tough organizational challenges, especially ones that cause unnecessary suffering. Helping […]

Don’t go green

On a calm peaceful day, who could have thought that wanting for a sumptuous meal is such a crime? There are so many things that could have been different on that eventful day. The evening was cool and we three musketeers decided to go for dinner and Walmart in a rental car. We strongly feel […]

Student Roundtable with Laureate CEO Doug Becker

This past Tuesday, a group of students were invited to be part of a Student Roundtable with Dr. Penley and Mr. Doug Becker. Mr Becker, the CEO of Laureate Education was on campus to meet with the Thunderbird Global Council and took some time out to meet some students. Mr. Becker started out with explaining why […]

Update 10/4

Hello T-birds! We come to the end of another busy and exciting week at Thunderbird. We had many important friends here on campus this past week including distinguished alumni, the Thunderbird Global Council (TGC) and our Board of Trustees. Many of you interacted with a number of these people over the past few days and […]

Negotiate Your Way – Global Summit on Negotiation

The Global Summit on Negotiation & Trust is meant for those seeking to sharpen their negotiation and trust-building skills at every level, from the top executive, trying to develop a high trust corporate culture to the everyday Joe endeavoring to improve family relationships. T-bird students wishing to attend the event can take advantage of a discount offer […]


By Rick Beitman “It’s experiential” was a phrase oft stated by Dr. Babarinde during the 2013 Kenya Summer Interim as a response to the unexpected. This maxim served well in preparing our group for the endless changes in schedule, the extremely fluid time, bartering for artwork at the market, contending with gastro-intestinal issues, and dealing […]

Passport to Career Success with Thunderbird Global Council

Last Tuesday, 30 select students had the amazing opportunity to interact with members of the Thunderbird Global Council (TGC), organized by the CMC. This was a truly unique opportunity because there is limited interaction with the TGC, and moreover, the students got a chance to run through their career goals, resumes and network with the […]