Halloween – A Holiday Lost in Foreign Culture?

Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October every year. There are various histories for the holiday and according to a famous one, it is the last day of Celtic year. Costume parties, trick-or-treat, pumpkin carving, and playing pranks are some of the typical ways in which the day is celebrated. However, international T-Birds have […]

Faculty Column: Rediscovering the value of patient family ownership

By Ernesto Poza What do Hallmark Cards, Grupo Bimbo and Cemex (Mexico), Hermès (France), Ferragamo (Italy), BMW (Germany), LG Electronics (Korea), Reliance Industries (India), and Zara (Spain) have in common? For one thing, they are all family-owned or family-controlled businesses. Companies with proud entrepreneurial traditions that confound management experts by continuing to enjoy success after […]

A Halloween Treat and Contest!!!

All of us here at Das Tor have discovered something devastating. We are a global school with so many talented individuals; however, we have failed at showing our foreign friends one of the time-honored traditions of Halloween–TRICK-OR-TREATING! So, in order to remedy this, we have decided to put on our very own Trick-or-Treat circuit here […]

Candy, Eye Candy & First Tuesday: What the TSG has in store this week!

It’s the time of the year again for lots of great fundraising events! Thunderbird has the tradition where every graduating class will raise funds for a class gift to give back to the school. Like this awesome Thunderbird plate at Sandra’s office! Since it is a gift back to the school, it is never too late […]

Highs at Humphreys

Last Saturday saw the members of the Outdoor Adventure Club take on an ambitious attempt: scaling the 12,637 feet high Humphreys Peak. To those unaware, Humphrey’s Peak is the highest natural point in Arizona and is the highest among a group of extinct volcanic peaks known as the San Francisco Peaks. 19 students had each other as well as […]

Update 10/25

Hello Thunderbirds! We are at the close of an exciting, productive and successful Professional Development Week! Special thanks and major kudos to the CMC for their excellent work – trust me when I tell you that this week’s activities were the result of hundreds of hours of planning, coordination, and hard work.  I’m thrilled to […]

A-Fair with a Career

As the morning of October 24th dawned, anyone on campus may have been fooled into thinking it was just another other gorgeous Fall day at Thunderbird: green grass, sunny skies, and birds chirping. As the clock drew close to 10 am, the calm was broken by a flurry of students, all dressed to the nines […]

Workshops Galore!

By Mark Jackson & Michael Reardon The LinkedIn Advantage Seminar was a great way to start off Career Week. John Hill, the Higher Education Evangelist for LinkedIn, came to speak to Thunderbird about the advantages that LinkedIn offers to students like us, but also as an impetus to get serious about our careers and how […]

ThunderCares Cometh

Take a break from studies and searching for a job! Now is your time to give back to the community. Gear up for ThunderCares Fall 2013! This year, ThunderCares will be held on November 2nd–if you haven’t signed up yet, please click on the link below to sign up to the event of your choice, or contact Alejandra Fernandez, […]

Know Your Campus and Win! – Contest #5

If you have been missing out on reading Das Tor lately, we have been running a “Know Your Campus and Win!” contest since the last two weeks. We post a photograph of something on campus and ask you to identify what that object is. The winner gets a prize! Congratulations to Contest #3 winner, Akash […]