Free Time on Campus

           I know many of us spend countless sleepless hours late at night, trying to make sense of that one last formula or why a balance sheet won’t balance.  However, in my short time on Thunderbird’s campus, I’ve found plenty of ways to procrastinate.

            Often times, I’m about to go to bed, and I hear some loud noises emanating from the pool.  I look outside, and I see two lawn chairs are set on opposite ends of the pool, with a regular chair set up in the middle of each.  Several grown men are throwing a water polo ball at high velocity back and forth, trying to score points on a scale that changes each time I play.  The game is Thunderpolo, and it’s sweeping the campus.  I’ve never contemplated buying water shoes in my adult life, but this game will take you there.

We emulate this on a weekly basis. Real professional.

Other times, I sit down at sunset near the rugby fields and pop in my headphones, listening to some Grateful Dead or Led Zeppelin.  Say what you will about the heat, but the sunsets here are gorgeous.  It’s twenty-minute spans like these that I enjoy the most, a quick break from the hectic day to take it all in.  What do you all do around campus to relax and take a study break?

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