Thunder(care)takers to the rescue

A clear and crisp November morning dawned on Saturday, heralding ThunderCares Day. It was the chance many had been waiting for; an opportunity to toss aside endless readings, case studies and texts and take up a challenge of a more philanthropic kind. Eager first-timers arrived early ready to serve while the Thunder-tired from the GOGOs […]

A Mormon Regional Night

By Taylor Bradford Mormon Thunderbirds are proud to host a Mormon Culture Night at Thunderbird on November 12th at the TEC. There will be panels about everything from prominent Mormon leaders in business, to how to get started with your genealogy . Come prepared for a wonderful experience, and a lot of education. Today, The […]

Thunderbird Wins First Place

By Shushank Bhandarkar Last week, 4 Thunderbird students from the Thunderbird Finance Association participated in the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge Competition. The Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge is a competition in which stock trading for 60 days is simulated in a period of two hours. Teams do trading based on stock performance and news feeds. This […]

Ethics Panel This Thursday

By Umair Karim This Thursday the Thunderbird Honor Council will be putting on its annual Ethics Panel in Yount 100 during dead hour at 1:10 PM. This year’s theme for the panel is “The Ethical Frontier: Operating a Controversial Business”. The idea behind the panel came from discussions the Honor Council had about the overlap […]

AIESEC @ Thunderbird

By Tom Yu Many people may not know of AIESEC, however, it is actually the world’s biggest student-run non-profit organization. Its main mission is to bring peace and prosperity to the world, not through anything else but the thing that you love the most – global leadership development exchanges. AIESEC functions through facilitating international internships […]

American Marketing Association on campus!

So you know you are interested in marketing, but you have no idea what marketing function fits you best? Fascinated by the words product development, advertising, market research and brand management, but overwhelmed by having no idea what these different marketing careers entail? The Thunderbird Marketing Association (TMA) will help you solve your conundrum! The […]

Post-Halloween updates

Trick-or-Treating We had a few trick-or-treaters knock on our doors this Thursday–and boy did they wear some clever costumes! Here’s what Tiffany and AZ wore for the trick or treat circuit:                       Halloween-dow Contest Das Tor held a contest for the best dressed Halloween window, […]

Language Roundtables a GO!

By Steven Werther Multilingualism, that is the ability to speak more than one language, is a cornerstone of the global mindset that differentiates Thunderbird students from MBAs in competitive programs. Because language is intrinsic to the culture and zeitgeist of any society, the importance of being able to assimilate one’s self into the culture, and […]

Empowering the Businesswoman

By Laura Berman On Monday, October 28, the MBA Women’s International Club at Thunderbird sponsored a viewing party to watch a live stream of a presentation by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, about her organization, Lean In.  Lean In is a global community dedicated to supporting women leaning in to their ambitions.  Sandberg wrote […]