A Mormon Regional Night

Courtesy: Taylor Bradford
Courtesy: Taylor Bradford

By Taylor Bradford

Mormon Thunderbirds are proud to host a Mormon Culture Night at Thunderbird on November 12th at the TEC. There will be panels about everything from prominent Mormon leaders in business, to how to get started with your genealogy . Come prepared for a wonderful experience, and a lot of education.

Today, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (or The Mormons) spans the entire globe. Though headquartered in Salt Lake City Utah, it may surprise some Thunderbirds that since its inception, the church has always been an international presence. Soon after being founded in 1830, by the first President of the church Joseph Smith, Smith sent missionaries out across the ocean into Europe, Asia, and beyond; seeking to unite the people of the world into one family. Today, the church sends missionaries of all ages to its global network of training centers, where missionaries train in the language of the people they will be serving, learn about local customs and sensibilities, and spend between 18-24 months serving their host country, without being paid.

From this long multi-cultural tradition, it makes sense then that many of these missionaries look to Thunderbird to continue their training as global citizens, and international business developers. Today, members of the church make up about 15% of the Thunderbird student body, and also contribute to a global membership of over 15 million members. Mormon Thunderbirds love collaborating with globally minded people, and sharing with others who we are.

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