“Class” of Consultants Compete!

Last Thursday saw some classy consultants competing against each other in a case competition conducted by the TMCA. 5 teams competed against each other to be the winner at the Clash of Consultants Fall 2013 edition. Applications were invited and evaluated, following which 5 teams were selected to actually compete in this contest. One week before the case competition, the teams were sent the case that needed to be worked upon, following which they were sent a set of questions that they were expected to address on the day of the competition.

Competition Day at Snell 27 saw the TMCA and participants eagerly awaiting the beginning of the contest. The judges were Prof. Michael Finney, Prof. Rick Baer and two expert consultants from KPMG, Gareth Bartholomeusz and Gretchen Atherton. Gareth is a Thunderbird alum and graduated in 2009 from the MS program. The teams went through rigorous rounds of questioning from each of the judges who really put their analysis to the test. Two teams made it alive from those rounds and the winning team was Team Freedom. Team Cons”R”Us were the runners up.

There were two special prizes as well for best presenters. Santiago Peralta and Soumya Sivadas stole the spotlight with amazing presentation skills that the judges found to be extremely impressive. The winning two teams were invited to a special roundtable event with KPMG later that evening.

And here are pictures of the winning teams:

Pic Courtesy: Nima Ghabchi
From L to R: Santiago Peralta, Nate Stickney, Erica James, Stepan Flishin, Tiago Ferraz
Pic Courtesy: Nima Ghabchi
From L to R: Abhishek Nagaraju, Soumya Sivadas, Shushank Bhandarkar, Sneha Gayatri, Nikhil Purwaha








Thank you Pulkit Wadhera, Nima Ghabchi and the TMCA team for putting this whole event together. Congratulations to the winners!

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