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Language Roundtables a GO!

Courtesy: library.escondido.org
Courtesy: library.escondido.org

By Steven Werther

Multilingualism, that is the ability to speak more than one language, is a cornerstone of the global mindset that differentiates Thunderbird students from MBAs in competitive programs. Because language is intrinsic to the culture and zeitgeist of any society, the importance of being able to assimilate one’s self into the culture, and better yet business world, of that society through the ability to speak the local language cannot and should not be understated; to wit, the numerous articles circulating in business magazines like Forbes’ that stress the marketability of multilingual aptitude in today’s globalized and interdependent economy.

While many Thunderbird students come to campus speaking more than just their native language, the program ensures that upon graduation, every Thunderbird alumnus/a exhibits a working proficiency in at least one non-native language. Nevertheless, there seems to be a dearth of informal, yet organized, opportunities for students to practice their foreign language skills on campus. While casual conversations at the Pub, the Commons, and elsewhere on campus abound, there exists no structured, foreign language centric program through which students can hone their skills and build non-Anglophonic relationships with the incredibly diverse network of peers here at Thunderbird.

Voilà, the Thunderbird European Business and Culture Club (EBCC) presents Language Round Tables at the Commons. Round Tables will be an invaluable opportunity for current students to polish their foreign language skills, to begin learning a new language, and to network with students whose native language is not English. EBCC is excited to offer this opportunity and expects strong interest in the program. Dates and times have not been officially set as they are contingent upon when works best for interested students. To express interest, please put your information in our Google Spreadsheet. EBCC looks forward to seeing you at the Round Tables!

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