Courtesy: Janani Balu
Courtesy: Janani Balu

Empty pool tables, many to-go boxes, deserted lawns–just 1 week into the new module and T-Birds are already flying helter-skelter. We hardly see them out and even if we do, they are talking furiously to their team mates. Sleepless nights are just a part of the routine and our blood is diluted with coffee. We are all living examples of William Henry Davies’s ‘Leisure’, a classic poem. If business is all about socializing, shouldn’t we be taught to be out there in the pub (talking to people) all day long?

Some might argue that it was the Asian Regional Night and most of the T-Birds were practicing for the grand festival. I hope that they are true and we get to see our friends more often at least in the forth-coming weeks. For the others who think that this is not the case, read on.

In this T-world, we see red eyed peers looking into infinity and drawing in the air with their hands. Still worse, we might not even find this strange! It is necessary to get engrossed into marketing, finance, operations, accounting but not at the cost of going out with friends or watching a sunset or talking to your family. While we are mastering the art of time management, more often than not, we are left to compromise on things that we enjoy. Running on the management treadmill, it is not just our sleep and appetite that we are keeping at bay.

The point is, it is okay to chill out with friends when we have an exam the next day or to watch movies even when we have an assignment to complete. By the end of the day, ‘A’s might not matter as much as we think, but we might possibly not be a student after this. So, it is perfectly fine if you don’t have high grades and you are content with your sanity! Let’s take it easy folks and let me hear some noise at the pool table and Commons (please, no management stuff!).

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