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The Thunderbird Student Government is your voice for all things Thunderbird, has successfully organized different events and set up new processes – all catered towards creating a better Thunderbird experience for every student. We thought it would be interesting to learn what students think about the TSG’s efforts, and what could be areas in which it can improve. Here’s what your peers had to say:

“[The] TSG does A LOT – [it has] this done a good job supporting clubs. [It] Can improve on trying to get clubs to collaborate more. Sometimes, [it] seems like the TSG makes decisions that are cheap without thinking about what students want – [the TSG] should somehow get students to answer questions to fill more needs.”

“In my opinion, TSG is doing a great job. It is a closely-knit group where there is a lot of ownership, energy and commitment in every activity that is done. I have been hanging out as a ThunderPlanner, so I know. I am glad to be a part of this family and would be more than happy to be there whenever they need an extra hand.”

“It is in the interest of each student to become more involved in TSG since TSG exists to represent students’ interests. Many of the challenging issues facing students, including scheduling of classes, quality of recruitment options and the condition of facilities at the school, can be better addressed with the Administration via one voice/one bargaining group, that is TSG. For that voice/TSG to be effective student action (such as, assuming TSG positions in order to serve students, engaging in TSG events/meetings and sharing ideas and concerns with TSG on an ongoing basis) is essential. TSG’s performance depends to a large extent upon students holding TSG accountable as and when TSG falls short.”
Carolyn Fifi

“In my experience the TSG has been really helpful in supporting students especially dealing with the campus life issues and coordinating with the administration. They are a great resource to help navigate these and other situations. I am ashamed to say that I have never been to one of the open meetings, but I think they could promote other ways to talk with TSG whether it is having a general TSG email account or posting on MTB. Maybe they have those things already, but they just need to be promoted better.”
Shelley Flenniken

“I think TSG does great job in representing the student community here at Thunderbird. One of the cool things about TSG is that they’ve appointed a few First-Trimester students as representatives; these guys not only understand some of the concerns that you may have as a new student but they help you find a solution for them, which to me is really great. The fact that TSG comprises of students just like us makes it very easy for us to approach them with any concerns or ideas that we may have, right from the president to the first-tri representatives.”
Vinay Ramakrishnan

“Overall, TSG is doing a great job at serving the students at Thunderbird.  They operate under a very transparent and inclusive system where all of us can bring forth our ideas and opinions. I think I can speak for the majority of the student body when I say Regional Nights are the crowning glory of TSG!”
Anela Perviz

“I think overall TSG is doing a good job. It is really hard to get everyone to agree on everything TSG does, and not everyone will always be happy. I know some of us are annoyed that Global Gala is not going to be at a hotel this year and some of us are also annoyed that we couldn’t vote for Michael Reardon for TSG President all because of one small comment on Facebook. However, I am sure there is a lot going on behind what we see or hear that calls for some difficult debates on how to move forward. With that being said, I like that they try to be open with what they are doing having tables at the commons, open TSG meetings, etc.”
Lindsay Mueller

“I think TSG is doing good job on having the “Ask TSG” table almost everyday in the Commons and hanging posters around campus about its leadership team. Moreover, I think this time they are really doing a great job in holding events and regional nights. The things I think they could do better, is the way they communicate  with students on the campus. The leadership team’s efforts are scattered, and it is not helping the TSG brand at all. Students do not know that all these individuals are connected through TSG and all these work is for TSG. For example, having different TSG pages such as “International Students” is not very relatable directly to the TSG – students do not know that TSG is doing this.
TSG could do a better job in communicating with the student body the work it is doing. It has done great a job, but its communication methods are not good. They might send out weekly emails telling and communicating with students what is going on, on campus and on TSG. In addition, there are some talks among students that the TSG leadership team just selected their own batch on leadership team, which is not good. They could diversify in leadership team and not just select all people from the same batch for all positions, especially when they are going to graduate next trimester, and they need new people on leadership team the final trimester. Despite all these critics, it is a really good team that has done a really great job.”
Nima Ghabchi

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