Seller’s Secret Recipe

How do brands differentiate themselves and court consumers’ attention? Kevin Sellers, VP of Advertising and Digital Marketing for Intel was on campus to speak to students about this. Hosted by the Thunderbird Marketing Association, it was impressive to have a leader of his caliber on campus. Currently a marketing and branding executive, Mr. Sellers has […]

Thanksgiving Around the World


In the United States, the fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day and is considered a day to thank The Creator for a good harvest. Though it is celebrated on different days in different parts of the world, American celebration of the festival dates back to 16th century. On this festive occasion, some […]

Spotlight on a Grad

With only two weeks left until another class of T-birds graduate, we decided to learn from our graduating students what their plans are after Thunderbird. We are really sad to see another class go, and before they officially become tagged as “alumni”, let’s hear from three graduating students: “Im glad that my journey in the […]

Regional Night gets mean…errr MENA

“And I, as I recall it ended much too soon Oh what a night, Hypnotizing, mesmerizing me Sweet surrender, what a night!” And what a night it was! The last Regional Night of the trimester definitely went out with a bang. A chilly night beckoned the student body, but none could be deterred from attending […]

Thanksgiving in Texas

Three generations screaming at the television. Our bellies full of pecan pie. The tryptophan is starting to kick in, but we soldier on. The Texas Longhorns are playing Texas Tech, and every eye in the room is glued to the television. In my family, this is Thanksgiving. Much is written about in the history books […]

Faculty Column: ‘Cue’ Seekers Find New Sources of Value

By Professor Tom Hunsaker Looking at something is different from seeing its value.  Seers are people who can perceive things that others miss.  They can see beneath surface events to discern their underlying implications.  The managers who mirror these behaviors are more likely to scout valuable opportunities in their daily activities that can transform the […]

A cop & a cup (of coffee)

This Thursday, the Thunderbird campus will be graced with a friendly yet unusual presence. As part of a get to know your community initiative, the TSG will be hosting the “Coffee with A Cop” at the Commons during dead hour on 5th December. The concept is simple. Students get to meet and mingle with the Glendale […]

Entrepreneurship: Explore and Be Rewarded

By Kelly Swanson Becoming an entrepreneur is easy. Convincing everyone your idea might be brilliant is a whole different story. Getting someone to fund your idea is next to impossible. That’s why when I turned to TAN, the Thunderbird Angel Network, I was greeted with open arms or rather an open website with lots to […]

Alumni Startup Adventure in Airports

By Chandra Jacobs Airports – the word just conjures up so many negative emotions – lines, delays, unhealthy food, and overpriced merchandise. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Airports should be a fun part of the travel journey, not a necessary evil – especially since people spend just as much time in airports […]

The Three Week Thriller

An unbiased view on the new three week course schedule makes us wonder about the singular affection of Thunderbird towards the numerical ‘3’. We hear it everywhere, from CMC career advisors advising us to incorporate the ‘magical 3’ skills to our ‘tri’-mester pattern. New addition to the list is undoubtedly the three week term schedules. […]