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Say hello to your Spring TSG!

Courtesy: Deepali Ramaiah
Courtesy: Deepali Ramaiah

Last Friday saw the last TSG public meeting of the Fall ’13 trimester and it was a special one. Coffee and cookies greeted the attendees on a chilly December afternoon, as the Fall TSG President Abhishek Nagaraj took the stage for the last time. On this occasion, the Facilities & Security departments were invited on stage and applauded for their constant efforts to cater to the students’ needs. Finally, the coveted TSG Awards were presented to TJ Duff, Michael Reardon, and Govind Menon for serving TSG for two trimesters or more in at least one paid position. Their work doesn’t go unnoticed! After thanking the student body for making it an amazing trimester, he handed over the proceedings to Santiago Peralta to announce the members of the Spring ’14 TSG cabinet.

The chosen students and their responsibilities are:
TSG President: Nikhil Purwaha
TSG Vice-President: Santiago Peralta
Treasurer: Cece Cao
Student Affairs & Services Chair: Sudharshan Babu
Academic Affairs Chair: Michael Reardon
Marketing & Communications Chair: Tom Yu
Alumni Relations Chair: Tiago Ferraz
Community Outreach Chair: Alejandra Fernandez
Student Activities Chair: Abhishek Nagaraj
Events Coordinator Chair: Fiona Teerlink
Technology Chair: Adam Gostel
Facilities & Security Chair: Aditya Kini
Special Projects Chair: Pia Oestlien

A special surprise was in store for TSG office manager Torrey Mann. As anyone on campus would know by now, Torrey is the backbone of the TSG and it is safe to say that the TSG would never function as the well oiled machine it does without her! The Fall TSG felicitated her with her favorite cake from ‘Nothing Bundt Cakes’ as well as a candid photo of the Fall ’13 TSG team.

The next order of business had Rebecca Henriksen handing over the student clubs awards for the Fall ’13 trimester. The winners are:
Best Club of Fall 2013: MBA Women International Club
Best Club (Runner Up) of Fall 2013: Filipinos and Friends
Best Professional Club of Fall 2013: Thunderbird Marketing Association
Best Personal Interest Club of Fall 2013: Get Out of Glendale Organization
Best Regional Club of Fall 2013: Indian Sub Continent Club
Best Sports Club of Fall 2013: Thunderbird Rugby Football Club
Best New Club of Fall 2013: Filipinos and Friends
Best Club President of Fall 2013: Christine Moore (MBAWI)

Last, but definitely not the least, current Student Affairs & Services Chair, Soumya Sivadas had an update about Thunderbird’s entry to the J&J Be Vital challenge. She delighted the crowd by announcing that Thunderbird has made it to the top 2 places in the Finalist list, meaning that the TSG is eligible to win a prize of either $5,000 or $10,000 for the school. Kudos to everyone involved in the effort.

Congratulations to the Fall 2013 club award winners and the Spring ’14 TSG officers. Suffice to say that we’re in for a fabulous Spring trimester with these leaders at the helm!

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