The Madrid Module: Tapas, Travel and Thunderbird

By Abdul Basith, ’14 Cobble-stoned streets, brightly painted buildings with wrought iron balconies, restaurants with tables spilling onto the streets. This is a typical sight in Madrid where I have been relishing local food, visiting must-see places and admiring the architecture for the last three weeks. Getting by without Spanish can be hard but living with a Spanish family, in a bid to go from just ‘Hola’ and ‘Gracias’ to […]

Two flags, one Thunderbird

By President Larry Penley Like many of you, I celebrated the Lunar New Year last week.  Luckily I was able to visit with my family to do so.  I know many of you may have wished that you could have done the same with your own families.  Choosing a school is a tough decision, but […]

The Graduates at Kimmyz

It’s another Thursday night in the epicenter of global thought, Glendale, Arizona, and the usual crowd of Thursday night owls have seized a dive bar normally filled with leather appareled bikers and broken dreams, Kimmyz (not a spelling error).  Tonight, though, it’s filled with the sounds of The Graduates, Thunderbird’s own student band, and the […]

Das Tor’s Weekly Caption Contest!

Congratulations to Nathan Stickney ’14.  You are the winner of a major award (aka a gift card valued at $15!) This week’s photo contest will be posted on our Facebook page on Tuesday at 2pm.   Captions should be posted on Facebook no later than midnight on Friday for a chance to win your $15 gift […]

Food, Wine and T-Birds

By Sasha Wang May the Sun Shine from Oregon to Chinese New Year in Nevada To make your beautiful new year wish in Sin City may not sound like a good idea, but at the only 3-Star Michelin restaurant in town, Joel Robuchon, it is the best idea. After our Champagne toast, we chose to celebrate our first Chinese […]

Faculty Column: The Super Bowl ads, how did they measure up?

By Professor Rick Baer This time of year is really exciting from an advertising/marketing point-of-view. We have a few events – like the Super Bowl and the Oscars – that always attract a huge audience in the US. And there are some events on a global scale – like the Winter Olympics – that bring […]

The Winterim’s Tale – Act II

Every winter break sees T-birds flitting off to different corners of the world, hoping to enrich their minds (and add to their visa collection) on a unique adventure known as the Winterim. In this last part, Das Tor takes a look at the Brazil winterim… Matthew McConaty, 14 Winterim: I had the privilege of being on […]

Offbeat Careers

Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions in life. It involves combining one’s interests with qualifications that translate into a career choice. An individual spends most of the time in the office everyday: 8-10 hours per day. So it is important for an individual to be enthused with the job of […]

Winterim on Wall Street 2014

By Rajiv Gajjala Bharat Sai Exposure to the real business environment is a key aspect of learning in an MBA degree and the Thunderbird Winterim programs enable students to experience and explore the current situation, opportunities and advancements in their desired career choice. The Wall Street Winterim in particular has been significant in providing a […]

T-Birds in the Desert: Just a bit outside

The great outdoors of Arizona beckons but alas, we must stare at the Stacks instead of the sunsets in Sedona.  We all have “must-see” lists to hit before we leave AZ and here are a few more “off-the-beaten” track destinations (within a 30 mile radius) to consider: Taliesin West Once Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home […]