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Courtesy: Nikhil Purwaha
Courtesy: Nikhil Purwaha

Hello Tbirds!

Thank you all for making the Club day such a successful event. We received a lot of positive feedback from the clubs and the students which definitely made me very happy. There were some specific suggestions that were communicated to us which have been documented and hopefully we will continue to improve the experience. The Club allocations are completed and we now have 44 clubs. I am looking forward to seeing the various amazing workshops, events and sessions that will be organized by the clubs this trimester.

As most of you would know, TSG had won the Johnson & Johnson (JnJ) Be Vital contest in December 2013. I am pleased to inform everyone that a team from Johnson & Johnson will be coming to campus on March 14th to give us the prize money of $10000. The TSG, administration and CMC are working on setting up the entire event and we will keep you posted further about this event. Personally, I am really excited about this particular event, not just because the TSG won the competition but because JnJ takes this event very seriously and they highly regard the effort that students put in community effort. They want to felicitate the efforts that the students have put in and that just make me a proud Tbird.

There are a couple of really important things that the TSG is doing this trimester. We need to student support to make these events successful. One of the events is the Academic Affair Forum that will be happening in this week, which leads us to…

Important Dates for Next Week:
1. Academic Affair Forum
The primary purpose is to openly discuss any concerns, suggestions, and ideas that students have regarding Academic Affairs, in general. On Thursday, February 20th from 1:10-2:30pm Pia Oestlien, TSG Special Projects Chair, and Michael Reardon, TSG Academic Affairs Chair, are holding the first-ever Academic Affairs Student Forum here on campus in Lecture Hall 55.
This will be open to students ONLY. We want a forum where students can discuss candidly, the academic issues that they are facing here on campus. The TSG is committed to hearing your true concerns and finding ways to get these addressed in the proper manner. Please join the Facebook event here ( Spread the word and let everyone know about this event.

2. US Work Authorization Presentations
The International Student & Scholars Office is hosting US work authorization presentations on Thursday, February 20th & 27th at 1:30p to 2:30p in Snell 22. The presentations will cover:
Thunderbird’s Internship registration process
J-1 Academic Training (AT)
F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT)

3. Friends Week
“True friendship is when you walk into their house and your WiFi connects automatically” – Author Unknown
Next week, it will be Friends Week at Thunderbird. TSG will be selling friendship cards with candies in the Commons during lunch hours, in which you can leave a message to your friends. The friendships cards will be delivered daily in the mail boxes. Let’s celebrate the best thing in the world – Friendship!
“Good Friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience, this is the ideal life”, Mark Twain

For all of next week, you’ll find TSG members selling Candygrams that you can send to any Tbird on campus. The money generated from this event will be used for the class gift. The candygrams will definitely bring a smile on your friends face and I am sure that will make you happy. So make sure to stop by our table and show your friends that you care!

And that is all for this week. Just remember, if you have any concerns, suggestions or critique, then please let us know and we will definitely look into it. The more you let us know, the better a job we can do for you. Please do feel free to email me at

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