The New Face of the MS Degree

Well, as all of you are (hopefully) aware, about two weeks ago, the administration announced changes to yet another program here at Thunderbird–the MS in Global Finance and MS in Global Marketing programs. Riding the coattails of the MBA changes, we should have known this was coming. In Rebecca Henriksen’s email sent to the student […]

Venezuela Protests

By now, most of the world has heard that protests are occurring in Venezuela at this moment. Many who follow the news daily may be up to date on the causes, current events, and what the protests may spell for Venezuela’s future. Many may not. I was approached by a current Thunderbird student, Fabian Gutierrez, […]

Faculty Column: Entrepreneurs (Corporate Entrepreneurs) are Important

By Professor Robert Hisrich Being an entrepreneur and creating value by establishing a new organization plays an important role in profit and non-profit organizations, in medicine, religion, science, the arts, and in the growth and prosperity of regions and nations. Large-scale outcomes in each of these areas can have quite humble beginnings: the entrepreneurial opportunity […]

Welcome Back TEM Lab Alum!

By Siva Palli Two passionate weeks of application preparation, six weeks of intense hard work, followed by a presentation and finally a well-deserved lifetime of membership in the unique club we call TEM Lab. That’s the 10,000 ft. level overarching picture of what it takes to do a TEM Lab. As we dig deeper & […]

You’ve Got Academic Issues? I’ve Got Answers!

On February 20th, Pia Oestlien, TSG Special Projects Chair, and I, your TSG Academic Affairs Chair, created and led Thunderbird’s first-ever Student Academic Affairs Forum on campus in the Lecture Halls. Our primary objective–to hear all of you, candidly and unfiltered. By ensuring that only full-time students were in the room, we could make sure […]

The Meet, Greet & Compete!

While it’s not infrequent to have T-bird alums popping back on campus, it’s quite the opportunity when T-birds return to give back to the very organization and community they were a part of while they were students. Last Wednesday, the Thunderbird Marketing Association was happy to welcome back Matt Keller (Associate Brand Manager, White Wave […]

The Power of the T-Bird Network

After sitting in the TSG meeting on Friday, it is abundantly clear that the overarching goal, for both the student leaders and top administrators, is increasing Thunderbird students’ employability. With key decision makers on hand, including President Penley, adapting current curriculum in response to student, alumni and most critically, employer inputs is a top priority. As […]

T-Birds in the Desert: Desert Botanical Garden

  The Chihuly in the Garden exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is one to remember.  A short drive from Thunderbird, the Botanical Garden is celebrating it’s 75th anniversary with an array of events and exhibits, including the Chihuly in the Garden.  Dale Chihuly is an American glass sculptor who has revolutionized the […]

Update 03/07

Hello, T-birds! I hope you’ve had a great week! This week’s Super First Friday events were a great success! (And a few more are happening next week!)  Super First Friday events were sponsored by 52 alumni chapters in 21 countries on 5 continents. First Tuesday is a very special Thunderbird tradition, one that is the […]

From the Desk of the TSG

Hello T-Birds! Check your watches please, because it is FINALS O’CLOCK! YAY!! One more week until complete freedom. And as we know, in business school, freedom is defined as Career Search time. This past week brought some exciting times for TSG, beginning with the first ever CMC Forum dedicated to international students that took place […]