From the Desk of the TSG President

Hey Tbirds! It’s already 6 weeks into this Spring trimester and I am sure quite a few of us took in the CMC Spring Training sessions. I received a lot of reviews about the various sessions and I encourage everyone to give the TSG more feedback about how the Spring Training sessions could be improved. […]

Prezi Time During PDP Week

The Spring professional development week featured workshops on Microsoft Excel (Intermediate and Advanced), Prezi and SPSS. The Prezi workshop was one of the finest ones. The workshop was well organized and had a good hands-on experience. The workshop lasted for about 3-4 hours and there was a surprise competition at the end. Prezi is the […]

#SXSW, #Brands

Hearing the news of Lady Gaga being vomited upon by a ‘vomit painter’ during her live show at SXSW this year, you can’t help but ponder the notion that South By Southwest, the ten days of music, film, and interactive mayhem that descends upon ‘too-cool’ Austin each year, maybe has changed a bit. In 1987, […]

Organizational Consulting

Organizational consulting is a type of consulting services in which you assist businesses in evaluating and possibly restructuring the current internal layout of the company. The ultimate aim is to make the best use of all resources available by organizing them in the most logical and advantageous way structurally. Usually an organizational works with new […]

Global Citizen Forum: Know Your Panels!

With the Global Citizen Forum coming up this Friday, we at Das Tor are taking a sneak peek into who will be on the panels this week. Up first is the Sustainability Panel. Moderated by Prof. Tom Hunsaker, this panel will host a wide range of leaders from the industry, with organizations such as MillerCoors, […]

Behind The Scenes: The Registrar’s Office

By Ron Schuler and Marie Bloom, Registrar’s Office Last trimester, Das Tor published an article that described various issues that students faced during the course registration process. The author of the article was invited to a discussion with Marie Bloom and Ron Schuler from the registrar’s office about the same. Since the article, the registrar’s […]

Caption Contest Winner

This week’s caption contest winner with the most Facebook votes is Thomas Carpenter for his caption submission: “After losing his legs, DB takes Kyle’s magic flying potion to get around campus.” Congrats on win #2, Thomas! Look for this week’s contest posting on and be sure to “Like” our page for your chance to win a $15 gift […]

Update 03/21

Hello T-bird family, It has been quite a week. I know many of you participated in the CMC’s Spring Training event and workshops, and many have been off-campus, traveling to interesting places and enjoying a well-deserved break. T-birds have been scattered all over the world, and now, many of you are on your way to […]

The Competitive Strategy of a Cult Wine

By Sasha Wang When Professor Inkpen asked in our Competitive Strategy class, “Why has Yellow Tail wine had such success in the US wine market”, I answered him from a wine lover perspective., “The yellow label and the kangaroo character on the label is so visible and distinctive, it’s easy to choose it from a […]

T-Birds in the Desert: Wear Sunscreen

Upon arriving back in the Valley of the Sun after being in New York for a few days, I promptly headed outdoors to thaw out from the 50 degree swing between the two cities. Part of the beauty of living in the desert while we are at Thunderbird is enjoying the warmth of the sun […]