Thunderbird’s Future post the HLC decision – the Sentiments

Two weeks ago, we received the decision that T-birds around the world and on campus had been anxious about for months. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) turned down Thunderbird’s application for a deal to become an independent partner with Laureate. The HLC went on to say that Thunderbird has been given the option to submit a new […]

It’s not just business. It’s just personal.

By Mark Jackson and Kate Stout In light of the HLC decision a couple weeks ago, a group of students have organized as the unofficial voice of the TIAA on campus and an advocate for those students aligned with the TIAA initiative. We spoke with Will Counts ’09 who is the Interim Executive Director of […]

GCF: Marketing a la sustainability

If you were on campus this Friday, chances are high that you were at least at one of the array of events at the Global Citizen Forum (GCF) by Net Impact. While the GCF was  intended to inspire and educate T-birds about using the power of business to create a social and environmentally sustainable benefits, a […]

Behind the Scenes: The Preview & The Regional Night

By Deepali Ramaiah & Bala Rajendran Thunderbird Campus Preview weekend is one of the best-organized initiatives at Thunderbird, meant to connect the school with prospective students. The success of the program depends on thorough planning and co-ordination of Thunderbird Campus Ambassadors (CAs). With planning starting as early as the beginning of trimester to decide the […]

From the Desk of the TSG

Hello TBirds! As we commence the second module of the Spring 2014 Trimester, we experience a roller coaster of events that speaks directly to the passion that lies in those involved in Thunderbird. As the week started, a shift began to occur from the Academics and Career Searches to “What is going on with Thunderbird?” […]

T-Birds in the Desert: The Farmers Market

This week, in GPE I with Dr. Saleh, we studied the film Food Inc., a documentary about the industrialization of our food. Equally enlightening and disturbing, I immediately became more concerned about where my food came from. So when I happened upon a Farmers Market yesterday, I bought more than usual. The idea of buying […]

Interning at Al-Wabra

By Tiffany Law, ’14 What is it like to work with some of the world’s rarest birds? I wouldn’t know. I was an intern on the mammal team! I spent two months this spring in Qatar in the middle of nowhere near the town of Al Shahaniyah. How middle of nowhere? When I told my Doha friends […]

Caption Contest Winner

This week’s caption contest winner with the most Facebook votes is Anne Fagerberg for her caption submission: “Nate’s first online date gets off to an awkward start when he realizes Shushank is not a girl’s name.” Congrats on win #2, Anne! Look for this week’s contest posting on and be sure to “Like” our page for your […]

The TIAA Proposal – A Deep Dive

By Anonymous Much credit should be given to Santiago Peralta, Michael Reardon, Nikhil Purwaha and Abhishek Nagaraju for their joint statement regarding the ongoing tug of war between the administration, TIAA, and to a lesser degree, Laureate. Beginning with the mass emails sent to the students by TIAA and its student representative, Christopher Gosselin ’14, […]

Update 03/28

Happy Friday, Thunderbirds! I know there is a lot going on around campus – including issues our students should not have to deal with or even think about – I know many students feel “caught in the middle” and are distressed by rumors they have heard and also by the continuing ambiguity our community is […]