Coffee with A Cop… a Success!

Courtesy: Aditya Kini
Courtesy: Aditya Kini

By Aditya Kini

In what was a first of its kind this trimester, the TSG organized a Coffee with Cop event initiated by the facilities chair, Aditya Kini (Ady). The event was organized at the Commons during dead hour. The event turned out to be a great success with more than 20 students turning up to have a tete-a-tete with the two cops, Andy and Angela, representing the Glendale Police Department. The most common issues that were discussed were concerning safety on campus and the approach to deal with a possible intrusion of private property. Andy and Angela had insightful opinions and helpful advice to offer which students seemed to appreciate. This information is critical which every student needs to be aware of and shall be posted soon for public view. As a kind gesture of lending support, the police department offered, in future, any assistance in Social Activities organized by Thunderbird in the nearby premises.

Thriving on the success of the event, the TSG has decided to make this a monthly event and cops too obliged to visit the campus every month to respond to any questions the students might have. They seemed keen on nurturing a longer term relationship with Thunderbird and the students. To begin with, the TSG is planning to invite representatives from the Glendale Police Department during the Regional Night Event on the 29th of March where a separate booth shall be set-up for students to have a chat with the representatives. This event would not have been a success but for the sincere efforts of Sam, Laurie, and Isaac and of course the inquisitive students who turned up for the event. The TSG would be glad to accept any suggestions from the student community to make such events further effective. Needles to say, the TSG is grateful to the Glendale Police Department for obliging to co-operate and make this event a success.

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