First Friday Feedback: Strategic Alliance Updates and More

Last week’s “First Friday Feedback” session was full of updates and specials guests.  Four board of trustee members were in attendance: Susan Stevens ’73, Ken Seward ’57, John Hendrickson and Chairwoman Ann Iverson. President Penley, and Professor Ram, President of the Faculty Senate, were also present for a productive discussion about three key issues on campus: Spring […]

Student Spotlight: Felipe Godoy Vega

We have a wonderful group of fun-loving exchange students on campus this trimester which means more T-Birds in the world (and more couches to sleep on!). This week, we ask Felipe Godoy Vega, to share a little about himself and what’s inside his Thunderbird backpack. Where are you from? My home country is Chile, a long […]

Why the Masters are Great

The Masters is a confusing event to explain as a four-day excuse to not see a single friend on the Thunderbird campus. “It’s a golf tournament,” I say. The confused stares are usually followed with a follow question. “But, why?” “It’s just the best. You should see the grass.” I’ll admit that to the person […]

Holi Thunderbird!

By Deepali Ramaiah and Kate Stout “Khele Holi Hum Tere Sang!” For anyone in the dark about Holi, it is a celebration to welcome the season of Spring as well as the commencement of the  harvest season. Holi normally occurs on the day of the full moon in March. It is the apt opportunity to break […]

The Malaysia Module: All Work and No Play? Never!

By Shelley Flenniken, ’15 Wawasan 2020 or “Vison” 2020 was introduced by the former Prime Minister, Mahathir bin Mohamad, in 1991 and calls for Malaysia to be a self-sufficient industrialized nation by the year 2020.  Now, only six years away from 2020 how close is Malaysia to reaching its goal? So many of the factors […]

I Am A #Tbird: Thunderbird Entrepreneur Challenge

By Tom Yu, ’14 Last weekend, many of us enjoyed a nice long break after working hard during ThunderCares. However, there were a group of T-Birds whose day had just begun. When I started at Thunderbird, I wasn’t sure who I was and what I was going to do with my journey here. I defined […]

T-Birds in the Desert: Here comes The H-E-A-T

As temperatures rose into the 90s last week, those at Thunderbird who have lived through a summer in AZ , shrugged it off with a “meh.”   The rest of us were hovering inside the IBIC and circling the parking lot for unmarked covered parking spots.  At some point during Foundations, I have a vague […]

Operations Research Analyst

Operations Research Analysis is one of the foremost growing fields in business. Most companies are becoming global with branches located in several different countries. The challenge in such countries is optimizing the supply chain such that the raw materials are bought cheaper and delivered faster. There is an interesting history behind the development of Operations […]

Speaker Games

Speaker Games was the flagship event of Thunderbird Toastmasters Leadership Communications Club which was held on Thursday – April 10th at the Pavilion from 1PM – 2.30 PM. This was the first kind of an event where Thunderbird clubs competed against one another. There were 5 clubs competing for this years Speaker Games trophy. The […]

Caption Contest Winner

This week’s caption contest winner is Santiago Peralta for his caption submission:  “The Thunderladies are the most interesting subspecies of the Thunderbirdus Globalis; they travel in packs, and perform feeding rituals, adapting to even the most foreign environments.” Congrats, Santiago! Look for this week’s contest posting on and be sure to “Like” our page for your chance to […]