Student Spotlight: Giacomo Paccione

Giacomo Paccione PhotoThis week, we asked one of our first trimester MBA students, Giacomo Paccione, to share a little about himself and what he carries in his Thunderbird backpack.

What is your home country?

The North Pole… that is what I answered in my Facebook profile… honestly, I have several homes. I call home Italy and Colombia. Also, I must say that since I arrived to the US I began calling Houston my home.

Where did you earn your undergraduate degree and what was your major?

I earned a B.B.A in International Business with a minor in Finance from University of Houston-Downtown.

Did you work before coming to Thunderbird?  If so, where?

Yes, I worked with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas at their Houston branch. I was in their research and bank administration departments. I dealt with large databases and foreign central banks officials coming to visit the bank. Did you know that the bank vault of the Houston branch is the second largest of the US and the third in the world?

Prior to the bank I worked with a non-for-profit organization called FARM.  I was their operations analyst. I worked with efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. The organization was located in Houston, but their subsidiaries where in Pakistan, Kenya, Ghana and the UK.

What is your favorite part of Thunderbird so far?

My favorite part is the amount of tools available for students and alumni to improve their professional and personal network.

What are you hoping to do when you leave Thunderbird and graduate?

Change the world… isn’t that the reason we all come to Thunderbird? Now, in the immediate future I am considering doing financial restructuring and turnaround with a consulting firm, or pursue a law degree.

What are the three most interesting things in your backpack?

The Thunderbird backpack is super-efficient. It helps me carry my food, my books, and my laptop. Though, I believe there could be an upgrade to include a hook, so I can carry my one gallon water jug.


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